5 Rules for Landing the Russian Woman of Your Dreams Online


Many men dream of dating Russian girls and finding the woman of their dreams, but it’s a challenge not every man is able to meet. Online dating is difficult no matter what country you’re from, but there’s an art to romancing Russian women who are known for their high standards, intelligence and irresistible charm.

1. Learn How to Compliment a Woman

Dating Russian girls won’t be as easy as telling them they’re beautiful. They’re used to hearing this all the time, so you’ll have to up your game and learn the art of complimenting a woman. First of all, you should only speak the truth. Online dating is often filled with insincere people trying to impress one another, dishing out shallow compliments and meaningless words.

If you want to impress a Russian woman, you need to actively listen to her and take an interest in what she has to say. You can complement her appearance when the time is right, but don’t start off your conversation by gushing over how hot she is. That’s one of the least sexy things you can do when you first approach a woman.

2. Make Yourself Interesting

When you make yourself interesting, you make yourself desirable. Women are impressed by strong men who lead adventure-fueled lives. Make sure your profile showcases your hobbies and depicts you in a good light. You don’t want every photo to just be you sitting by yourself in your house. Use your life as an opportunity to show your future Russian girlfriend how much fun she could have with you.

3. Don’t Be Clingy

Dating Russian girls is all about balance. She’ll want to know she’s the center of attention, but she doesn’t want to feel suffocated or pressured to respond right away. Keep in mind that online dating is exactly that, online. People lead separate lives outside of the computer, and some of the greatest excitement from dating comes from the anticipation of waiting for a response.

If a woman doesn’t answer right away, don’t push it. She will come to you when she’s ready. Keep your conversations short but sincere, and never bombard her with messages the length of a short novel. Talking too much will make you feel like a chore to a woman.

4. Don’t Copy and Paste First Messages

Avoid stock greetings like, “Hey, how are you?” or “Hi there.” Women want to know that they’ve caught your attention and you’re seeking them out specifically. Read their profile and mention something that caught your eye (see #1).

5. Don’t Think Too Far Ahead

If you want kids and a family someday, it’s natural to weigh every woman you see against the mental image you have of your ideal wife. But when all you can think about is who you’ll marry, you develop tunnel-vision that prevents you from seeing what’s right in front of you and possibly missing out on an awesome connection that could turn into the real deal.

Be Yourself

It’s the oldest dating advice out there, and it’s stuck around for a reason. There’s no use in pretending to be someone else because no one will like you for you. No one wants to have to keep up an act their entire life, especially in a romantic relationship. Build your self-confidence before you start dмк/ating. When you focus on yourself first, you’ll be able to understand all that you have to offer a partner, and dating will feel a lot less like an audition and more like a fun and exciting opportunity.

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