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Looking for the ISKCON Temples in India? Here are the top 6

ISKCON is a global organisation of the Gaudiya Vaishnava religious group, colloquially known as the Hare Krishna movement. A great Hindu saint A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founded ISKCON in 1966 in New York City. ISKCON’s core beliefs are based on the Gaudiya Vaishnava Hindu scriptures and traditions and revolve around the worship of Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and his female counterpart Radha Rani. The most beautiful, famous and pleasing thing about ISKCON is its beautiful temples with intricate carving, reflecting the Indian Hindu architecture. If you are looking for some beautiful ISKCON temples in India, here are the top 6:

Sri Krishna-Balaram Temple, Vrindavan

Vrindavan is the epicentre of pilgrimage for the members of the ISKCON and Gaudiya Vaishnava sect of Hinduism. Sri Krishna-Balaram Temple situated in Vrindavan is one of the major and the first-ever ISKCON Temple in India. It dates back to 1975. The temple is gigantic and is an excellent example of North Indian Hindu architecture. The white marble look of the establishment offers a mesmerising look to the devotees and visitors. Its serene infrastructure with intricate carvings soothes the senses of the pilgrims here. The temple’s presiding deity is Krishna and his elder brother Balarama whose idols are located at the central altar. The right altar has the idols of Radha and Krishna, and the left altar houses Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The Janmashtami festival of this temple is very famous and is celebrated with utmost joy and zest.

ISKCON Temple, Mayapur

ISKCON Temple at Mayapur, West Bengal, often regarded as the Temple of Vedic Planetarium, is the headquarter of ISKCON. Mayapur holds great significance for the believers of ISKCON as it is the hub of the Gaudiya Vaishnava sect and is often proclaimed as the birthplace of a great Vaishnava Saint Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The temple’s foundation was laid in 1972, and its construction started in 2010. It is aimed to be completed by 2022. After completion, it will be the largest Hindu temple in the world. The gigantic and massive dome of the temple is the centre of attraction. Thousands of tourists and devotees flock during the special Hindu festivals. On special days, the Temple Gods are adorned with attractive and new attire, and the temple hosts many cultural fests and events.

Sri Radha Krishna Temple, Bangalore

Situated in North Bangalore’s Rajajinagar, Sri Radha Krishna Temple is one of the grand Krishna Hindu Temples among other international establishments. It is affiliated with the revival of the ISKCON Revival Movement. The establishment was started off by the ninth Indian President Shankar Dayal Sharma, back in 1997. Janmashtami celebrations at this temple are famous all over India. Tasting the Bhog of this temple is a must-try during Janmashtami festivities. The Grand Aarti of Lord Krishna and its spacious community centre celebrations attract many people to the temple. Visitors love the environment and also indulge in singing, dancing and reciting prayers.

Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Temple, Delhi

Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi temple is located in Delhi’s Greater Kailash area with all its splendid beauty. The temple was inaugurated in 1988 by the former Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It is one of the largest and grand Hindu architectures, housing a giant sacred book that weighs 800 kg. The temple is a great place to explore major Hindu imprints and texts via modern technologies. Mahabharata Experience, Ramayana Art Gallery, Bhagavad Gita Animatronics, and Bhagwat Puran Exhibit are located inside this grand temple. The grandeur of the Janmashtami festival here can be estimated by the fact that around 7-8 lakh people assemble every year.

Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari Ji Temple, Mumbai

Located just a few meters from the scenic Juhu Beach in Mumbai, Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari Ji Temple, Mumbai holds a special place in ISKCON devotees’ hearts. The idols of this temple were installed by Swami Srila Prabhupada, founder of ISKCON himself. From attractive lights to floral decorations, this temple attracts thousands of devotees and mainly during festive seasons. The temple also depicts Krishna stories beautifully. It houses both spiritual books and has a multimedia section.

ISKCON Temple, Pune

The ISKCON Temple, located in the Kondhwa area in Pune, is an outstanding beauty to be admired. This grand temple complex houses two establishments- The Radha Krishna Temple (the main one) and the Venkateswara Balaji Temple. The temple was constructed with a fund of 40 crores which ISKCON funded. The monument depicts a unique fusion of culture. It is built in the North Indian style of architecture and is made with red stone. The latter part of the temple harbours South Indian architecture using Kota stone,

The above temples are the epicentres of the ISKCON Organisation in India. These are highly recommended for not just locals but tourists too. These temples are some of the best places to understand and learn about Hindu cultures and Indian values. Locals and tourists overcrowd the majority of the ISKCON Temples during festivals like Janmashtami and Holi. Therefore it is recommended for the tourists to get their hotel booking completed online months before the festivals for the sake of their comfort. The spiritual vibe of these beautiful ISKCON Temples can only be felt after visiting these magnificent architectural marvels.


10 top UNESCO attractions in Poland by ITS DMC Poland

It is the most prestigious distinction when a tourist destination is enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List that enlists the most precious areas and monuments in the world. Poland is lucky to have 16 such areas in the country. One of them is the natural area of Białowieża National Park and the rest is connected to the cultural heritage. The country can still boast a few more places on a waiting list to receive this international distinction. Below we will present top ten UNESCO attractions by ITS DMC Poland, a local travel agency.

Top UNESCO attractions in Poland by ITS DMC Poland

  1. Historic Centre of Cracow
  2. Historic Centre of Warsaw
  3. Medieval Town of Toruń
  4. Old City of Zamość
  5. Wieliczka and Bochnia Salt Mines
  6. Tarnowskie Góry Lead-Silver-Zinc Mine and its Underground Water Management System
  7. Peace Churches in Jawor and Swidnica
  8. Malbork Castle
  9. Auschwitz-Birkenau former Nazi German Death Camp
  10. Białowieża Forest

UNESCO towns

UNESCO singled out 4 of Polish towns. Torun was enlisted because of its Medieval Old Town that undamaged can be seen to this day, with streets layout, town walls, castle ruins and numerous houses. Zamosc town was constructed from the beginning as an ideal Renaissance city and it retained its substance undamaged to this day. It is one of the most interesting towns at the eastern Polish border. Cracow on the other hand as a previous capital city and the seat of Polish kings provides multitude of various monuments both in the Old Town and also in Kazimierz former Jewish district. Warsaw means completely different category. It is a Phoenix city that had to be meticulously rebuilt from the ashes of WWII. UNESCO appreciated the scale of the rebuilding that took place here. All of the 4 towns are true tourist hits in ITS DMC Poland’s portfolio because of multitude and variety of attractions that they offer.

Underground attractions

Poland and especially its southern part offers numerous possibilities to observe underground mines. Four of them have been enlisted at UNESCO World Heritage List. Two of them achieved special ITS DMC Poland’s recommendation. Wieliczka Salt Mine is known internationally for its underground salt lakes, salt sculptures and St. Kinga’s Chapel also made of salt. It is a place well worth 2 or 3 h stay. Wieliczka Mine was actually enlisted at the first UNESCO World Heritage List ever. ITS DMC Poland suggests visiting also the original Brine Graduation Tower while visiting Wieliczka district. Another, mine worth a visit is Tarnowskie Gory Lead-Silver-Zinc Mine. Tourists will find here top modern exhibition with open air museum of mining machines and the Black Trout Drift, where tourists can enjoy the underground boat cruise.

Original architecture

In this category we definitely must mention Malbork Castle which in terms of the area is the biggest brick castle in the world. This intimidating Gothic building was erected by the crusaders Teutonic Knights Order. Malbork was actually the capital town of the crusaders country that existed at currently Polish lands in the Medieval times. Nowadays, the castle is opened for tourists. ITS DMC Poland states that you have to reserve at least half a day to fully appreciate it. Another unique sight is Auschwitz-Birkenau former Nazi German Death Camp Museum and memorial. The museum shows the darkest page in the human history and is a place of death of more than 1.5 million children, woman and man, mainly Jews from all over Europe killed during WWII. Standard sightseeing of both camp complexes takes at least 3.5-4 h and is deeply saddening experience. Finally, the last architectural marvels we want to mention are huge wooden structures of the Protestant Peace Churches located close to Wroclaw in Swidnica and Jawor. Both few storeys’ temples fascinate with craftsmanship, artistry and sizes.

Natural sanctuary

Bialowieza National Park is a part of cross border UNESCO natural sight. It is the last original primeval forest in Europe with great biodiversity and a population of European Bison. The central tourist point here is Bialowieza village with modern and interesting Natural History Museum of the National Park. It is also a starting point of walking trips to the park. ITS DMC Poland also recommends a visit in European Bison sanctuary where visitors can admire these magnificent animals.

Summing up, Poland has many world class monuments and tourist attractions that are still undiscovered by the masses of international tourists. They are truly worth the effort to get to this central European country. Let yourself be surprised and amazed by the modern Poland and its top-notch attractions. If any of them caught your interest, feel free to contact ITS DMC Poland and check their group offer. Professional ITS-Poland specialists will be happy to prepare a sightseeing program tailored to your needs.


Krakow – The 2022 Hottest Rugby Tour Destination

Krakow offers a complete and full support service for rugby teams ranging from pro-team pre-season training to amateur club tours and is the venue for the ever popular Krakow Rugby Festival 10s tournament. This central European city not only caters for sport as it is a popular destination for off field activities which you can include and a host of great pubs and night clubs with all kinds entertainment available to make your tour a very memorable one.

Krakow Rugby Festival – This international Men, Women and Vets 10s tournament is becoming a major event for team tours and summer rugby-friend teams. The KRF starts on the 3rd weekend of June every year, the induction party on the Friday night sees all the teams attend an exclusive Krakow city centre venue with free beer and cider until midnight, in fact, free beer and cider is available the entire weekend of rugby both on and off the field of play. The induction party includes drinking games, live music and a DJ. The Saturday is when matches begin, the groups and fixtures displayed for the 7 minute each half games. The organisers provide a cooked breakfast and cooked lunch pitch-side with the bars providing non-stop beer and cider. After the days first round of games you get a chance to freshen up in your accommodation that the organisers also book for you if required. The KRF accommodation also includes free return pitch transfers or you can buy tickets if you have taken a non-KRF accommodation. Saturday night is for you to discover the buzzing Krakow nightlife or you can join the KRF organised pub crawl and then later free dance club tickets. The Sunday is the day of all the finals, according to your team’s performance in the group stages of Saturday all the teams qualify and play for 3 individual category awards. The stronger teams compete for the KRF Champions Cup then the middle teams run out for the KRF Elite Trophy with the 3rd category, KRF Kracking Plate for the remaining teams. The Sunday finals day also has a repeat of the cooked meals and free beer and cider plus the awards ceremony, live music pitch-side with DJ, rugby drinking and skill games which prove to be extremely popular. The whole tournament is well organised with paramedics and an ambulance present on game days and an ever popular massage tent has been introduced in the recent KRFs. The KRF organisers offer 3 package deals with or without accommodation and unlimited or limited beer and cider options. Airport and pitch return transfers are free with the All-Inclusive Package or can be added to the other package deals that you can choose from. The best deal is the All-Inclusive because as soon as you land in Krakow the KRF organisers are there to take care of everything until you board your flight home and you can enjoy your rugby and weekend in Krakow to the max.

Non-KRF Friendly Rugby Match – If your tour is in a different period, no problem, as a friendly can be arranged with a local team of suitable ability either with 7s or 15s including Touch and Mixed rugby. The Rugby Match Pack has a post-match BBQ to enjoy with the host team. Airport and pitch transfers are available along with accommodation arrangements.

Football Match Friendly Game Pack – If your tour is for footie then Krakow has several options to provide a full service to make sure you get a game of 5-a-side, 7 or even 11-a-side against a local team indoors or outdoors or if your group is large enough then facilities arranged. Once again post-match BBQ ‘n Beer arranged.

Apart from the main event, that is, your favoured sport catered for Krakow has a wide range of activities available that can be reserved via a dedicated sport and stag do agency such as Party Krakow. These extra off field activities are easily added to your itinerary and all include personal Guides to accompany you. Here are a few examples of what’s on offer while in Krakow:

Visit to Auschwitz/Birkenau – If you attend the KRF this event is offered during the weekend. A visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site is an eye opener into what actually happened there.

Visit to Wieliczka Salt Mine – Experience one of the world’s oldest salt mines with everything you see or touch is made of salt. Follow the tunnels up to 350m below ground level and the story of this important commodity of salt. The main hall is spectacular.

Guided Pub Crawl – Take an organise pub crawl especially on your first night in Krakow. A Guide will meet you at your accommodation to then show you Krakow’s most trendy and unusual pubs. The tour will reveal the cellar bars, Ruin bars, garden bars and themed bars. There are no two pubs the same in Krakow and more importantly no official closing times, so, no last orders shouted out or security staff whipping away your unfinished drink.

Dance Clubs – Always a good idea to book one, Krakow’s nightlife scene is fast overtaking Prague’s reputation. All styles and genres of music with some venues being hosted by well-known European DJs. The VIP Club Entry is a must so as to avoid waiting in the queues to the trendiest places and with VIP reservations not only Q-Jumping but reserved tables and vodka included.

Party Bus – Arrive in style to a club of your choice with the Party Bus, available for a city cruise or airport transfers and to liven the event up a Strip Artist or Artists will join you on your journey. Bars on board this club on wheels with music and lights to set the mood. Suitable for male or female groups.

AK 47 Kalashnikov Shooting – This high adrenaline shoot ‘em up adventure is a must. Different packages on offer for up to 7 different weapons that include the famous AK 47, Glock pistols, Uzis and the pump action shot gun, highly recommended.

River Boat Cruise – Spend some time on the Vistula River and enjoy a lunch or just a few beers, a most relaxing occasion or spice it up and take the night cruise with a strip artist on board, the choice is yours.

Krakow has been voted Best European Destination to Eat more than once. The wide choice of culinary delights from around the world is amazing. Krakow has some high class international restaurants to dedicated Food Truck zones full of international recipes with vegetarian menus and vegan venues abound. Once again, a spicy after show can be arranged with Strip Artists whilst tasting the many locally crafted beers on sale.

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Where Can You Find RYA Courses?

If you are interested in learning about how to boat so that you can comfortably spend your time out on the water, either alone or with those who are close to you, then you will want to look into the idea of taking RYA courses. These courses will allow you to learn some of the valuable information that you need to know if you are planning to take your yacht out onto the water. The best news about it is that they cover information that beginners need to know as well as information that even seasoned sailors can benefit from having a refresher on.

What Kinds of Courses Are There?

As you might imagine, when you are looking at RYA courses in Gosport, you will want to have a good sense of what they can teach you and which courses there are to take. There are several kinds of courses to take, such as the following:

  • Practical sailing courses for beginners to yachts
  • Shorebased theory courses to help one learn about sailing
  • Powerboating courses for those who want to learn about powerboats
  • Motor-cruising courses for those interested in other types of boats

By taking an interest in sailing, you will be able to find more places to relax and spend your time, no matter if you are interested in just spending time on the water or you are looking to do water-based activities, such as fishing.

Why Should You Take a Course?

If you are planning on going boating, you should never try and go about doing it without knowing anything, as this can lead to catastrophe. By choosing to learn about how to sail, the theories behind sailing, and how to work with different types of boats, you can feel confident knowing you will have full control of your boat when you get out on the water.


The best tips for yatcht trip

Welcome on board. We will cruise loads, stop at lovely places, tune in to incredible music, and accept every day as it comes. In our day by day lives, we are so used to arranging everything that living step by step, and simply depending on the vessel’s rhythms, may feel somewhat unnatural from the start. Aside from the time and the spot we set out and land, there won’t be any genuine timetable. So simply permit yourselves to accept circumstances for what they are. Here are a few hints to guarantee that you benefit as much as possible from route time:

Suffer from sea-sickness

A solitary negative encounter doesn’t imply that you do, as there are numerous elements included. These might be preventable you have to allow yourselves to become accustomed to cruising yacht blog. When you set out, unload your pack while the vessel is as yet fixed. Spend the primary route hours at hand, outside, and at whatever point you have to get something from underneath deck, the group will be glad to do this for you. If you begin feeling sick sit serenely, even though not prostrate, in the cockpit, and hold your eyes to the skyline. Try not to attempt to oppose the development of the vessel, simply go with it. When preparing for rest, maintain a strategic distance from any pointless moving around beneath deck and simply lay yourselves down promptly in your couchette.

Benefits of Yacht sailing

When you set out, unload your pack while the vessel is as yet fixed. Spend the primary route hours at hand, outside, and at whatever point you have to get something from underneath deck, the group will be glad to do this for you. If you begin feeling sick sit serenely, even though not prostrate, in the cockpit, as well as hold your eyes to the skyline. Try not to attempt to oppose the development of the vessel, simply go with it. When preparing for rest, maintain a strategic distance from any pointless moving around beneath deck and simply lay yourselves down promptly in your couchette.

Learns to take responsibility

The second you take your child to cruise, they become careful about the earth. They know very well that they need to try to avoid fear in the yacht blog or, more than likely they may fall in the water. It makes a solid duty among the children. The children figure out how to adjust to the new condition is extremely quick away. What’s more, removing your children from this mechanical world permits them to consider nature. They build up a one of a kind capacity to consider the genuine issue.

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Enjoy luxury spa treatments at Ayana Hotels

The Ayana hotel is world-renowned for its award-winning spa services. It carries this award gracefully and professionally by providing high-quality service in each and every five-star hotel that bears their name.

Spa service at Ayana Jakarta

The Ayana luxury spa Jakarta can be accessed at this five-star hotel in the city. You can expect award-winning services at the spa in this hotel. Here are some of the outstanding features of the spa at the Ayana hotel.

Professional attendants

One of the factors that attract guests to the Ayana Midplaza spa is the availability of professional attendants. Like every other Ayana service, the spa service at this city hotel is offered professionally and by well-trained attendants.

A mix of traditional and modern techniques

In the Ayana luxury spa, guests get the opportunity to enjoy a different skill set. Ayana spa attendants are well versed in the modern art of spa treatments as well as traditional Indonesian skills.

A combination of the modern skills and traditional oils leaves guests at this spa feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed in their bodies and minds. From a single spa treatment, one is able to work efficiently and effectively.

Spa treatments

At this luxury spa, enjoy relaxing reflexology to unburden your whole body, aromatic massages, and refreshing beauty treatments.

Every moment spent in the spa is worth your hard-earned money and will leave you feeling much better and with more energy. Every ended session leaves you looking forward to your next spas session.

Honeymoon spa treatments

When you honeymoon at the Ayana, you are privileged to enjoy a spa treatment in your room as a couple as a honeymoon gift from the hotel. You get a refreshing massage that helps you relax from the stress of wedding planning and from the success of your big day.

Specialized treatments

In addition to the ordinary spa treatments, you can also get the luxurious Elemis Facial Pro-Collagen Defy. This is a specialized facial treatment that you can get to ease the stress of life from your face. It strengthens and relaxes your facial muscles to get rid of wrinkles.

You can also get specialized facial treatments for men among other special massage and spa treatments.

Aromatherapy treatments

At the Ayana Hotels spa, you can also get a well-deserved moisturizing aromatherapy treatment session. It also comes with a full-body scrub and a traditional foot-washing ceremony.

At the end of this session, you are completely relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated ready to face the world and everything it throws your way.

Aesthetically decorated spas

The luxury spa treatment offered at the hotel is offered in a tastefully and beautifully decorated spa. The spas are beautiful and well-lit to enhance the effect of the spa treatments that you will be getting.

Other relaxation services that you will get at the hotel include:

Complimentary WIFI

The hotel offers all its guests free complimentary WIFI. It is available in every nook and cranny of the hotel and you can quickly catch up on your communication, entertainment and work as you relax in the hotel.

Numerous restaurants

The hotel has numerous restaurants that you can choose to dine from. There are restaurants for seafood and for the whole family. There are bars where you can enjoy happy hour as you socialize and network with your peers after work.

Beautiful rooms

The rooms at this hotel are exquisite. They are built to cater to the tastes of their targeted business travellers. The rooms have large windows put in to allow plenty of natural light. In addition, they offer you a unique vantage point to have a panoramic view of the busy city.


Enjoy a beautiful spa day at the Ayana Hotel Jakarta. You will get the Ayana speciality luxurious spa treatment. There are numerous spa treatments that you can enjoy at the hotel spa for a better mood, relaxation, and rejuvenation.a

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Villages in India

India is a land of more than 6 lakh villages where the true roots of the country resides. Every village has its own unique identity. The true essence of India can be found in Villages. Travelling through the local regions, eating regional cuisine, interacting with locals, knowing about the history of the place and listening to their stories will make your trip complete.

Villages are less crowded and make your trip truly memorable. Nowadays people are looking for less frequented destinations. So, if you feel like travelling, choose a bit unconventional and travel to these hidden gems. You never know what you might find under the small alleys.

Here is the list of beautiful villages in India you must visit:

  1. Khimsar (Rajasthan):

Khimsar is a small village in Rajasthan, nested in the Thar Desert. You can enjoy the true essence and beautiful colours of the desert here. On the trip to this village, you can enjoy the camel rides and desert safaris. You can explore the Khimsar Fort, stay and relax in the luxury resort of Khimsar and also reach the destination by travelling through the Palace on Wheels train which offers luxurious journey onboard the train.

November to February is the correct time to visit Khimsar. Jodhpur is the nearest airport which is just 92 kilometres away from Khimsar. Khimsar Sand Dunes, WelcomHotel Khimsar Fort and Dunes is the best place to stay.

  1. Poovar (Kerala):

Poovar is the must-visit the place on your Kerala tour. It is located in the southernmost tip of Thiruvananthapuram. Here the beaches are really beautiful and clean to relax. This place is well known for local flavours. You can visit the famous Aazhimala Siva Temple, enjoy the boating and relax at the Poovar beach in this village.

October to February is the correct time to visit Poovar. The nearest airport is the Trivandrum International Airport which is 30 km from this place. Hilton Garden Inn, Uday Suites, Joys Resort Poovar are some of the best places to stay.

  1. Kasol (Himachal Pradesh):

Kasol is located in Himachal Pradesh and is now a weekend gateway. It is a weekend destination where people reaches in an overnight journey from Delhi. Kasol is a hub for children and various treks nearest point in Himachal. Trekking to tosh, taking a local bus to Manikaran Sahib, Camping at Chalal which is at a distance of 300 meters from the Kasol village are the best things to do here.

The best months to visit kasol are April, May, October and November. Bhuntar Airport is the nearest airport which is just 31 kilometres away from Kasol. Devdhar Cottage, Hotel Sandhya, Alpine Guest House and The Himalayan Village are some of the best places to stay here.

  1. Almora (Uttarakhand):

Almora is located in the northern state of Uttarakhand. It is a place full of tranquillity and positivity. The food here will be delicious. The air will be pure and fresh here. Shopping for the unique handicrafts, enjoy walking in the lush greens of pine trees and oaks, visit famous temples like Chitai Golu Devta Temple, Kasar Devi Temple and Nanda Devi temple.

The best time to visit this place is from September to November and April to June. Dehradun airport is the nearest airport which is located at a distance of 173 km. Deodar Homestay, Kasar Himalaya Holiday, KMVN TRH The Himalayan Eco Resort are the best places to stay in Almora.

  1. Munsiyari (Kumaon):

Munsiyari is one of the best villages located in Uttarakhand. It lies on the old salt route to Tibet and is a green secret ensconced in the hills of Kumaon. It is surrounded by dense forests and snow-capped mountains. It is the best place for nature lovers and adventurers.

You can witness the beautiful views of the Panchachuli peaks, arrange a 2-day trek to khuliya top, glacier treks to Ralam and Milam. September to October and March to June is the best time to visit this place. Vijay Mount View Resort, Milam INN are some of the best places to stay here.

Before planning your trip, must check out the route of Palace on Wheels train and experience the beautiful villages of India.

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4 Memorable Things to Do in Labuan Bajo

Back in the day, Labuan Bajo was a simple fishing village. However, with the building of an airport and the efforts by the authorities to transform the town from a fishing center to a tourist destination; Labuan Bajo is now just as fascinating as other islands.

Admittedly, many use the town as a gateway to Komodo island. However, next time you find yourself in Labuan Bajo, consider taking a few days to explore the town. You might be shocked at how much you can do in that small town, including the following.

1. Visit Manta Point and Swim with Mantas

Manta Point is an incredibly popular diving spot near Labuan Bajo. At Manta Point, you will get a chance to view the Manta Ray—one of the seas most majestic creatures.

Manta Rays which evolved from stingrays are a species of fish with horn-shaped fins, huge forward facing mouths and an incredible width ranging from 5.5m (18ft) to 7m (23ft). Due to the horn-shaped cephalic fins, some have given Mantas the name devilfish with the belief that they have an evil look.

However, the name devilfish does not change the fact that Mantas are amazing creatures. For one, because of their size, only large sharks, killer whales and humans count as their predators. Second, a Manta Ray can weigh as much as 3000 pounds. Third, it has a striking appearance, thanks to the white and black coloration.

Moreover, Mantas can leap up to 2m above water and scientists still have no idea why they do this. Finally, Mantas have a lifespan of between 50 to 100 years. At Manta Point, almost all year round, you can observe the Mantas as they swim and experience this fascinating creature for yourself.

2. Enjoy The View from Amelia Sea View

The Amelia Sea View in Labuan Bajo is a spot that allows you to enjoy stunning sunrises, equally beautiful sunsets and breathtaking sea views. The local government went to great measures to develop the spot for both locals and tourists, and as such, it is easy to reach.

However, for people who do not hike often, it might take a while to reach the summit. To give yourself the best chance to enjoy the hike, bring enough water to ensure you stay hydrated, wear comfortable shoes and bring a trekking hat if you are hiking in the afternoon.

Note that the area comprises of rolling hills which means in addition to the view, tourists also get to enjoy nature. For photographing enthusiasts, nature plus the view provides enough material for stunning photos.

3. Stay at Exquisite Hotels and Resorts

As noted above, the local Labuan Bajo government has done a lot to promote Labuan Bajo as a tourist destination. One of the ways they have done is to encourage the building of luxury hotels that give tourists incredible experiences.

When in Labuan Bajo, you are bound to find three distinct types of hotels, budget hotels which offer accommodation without any additional perks, mid-range hotels which offer accommodation and a few perks such as breakfast and finally luxury hotels such as Ayana labuan bajo hotel which offer uncountable perks including spas, a gym, breakfast and supper.

4. Take a Tour Around the Town

Taking a tour around Labuan Bajo is quite the adventure. To start with, it will allow you to visit Rangko Cave and Batu Cermin Cave. The Batu Cermin is a 19-hectares wide cave with a rock formation that reflects light like a mirror. Locals call it the ‘Mirror Rock’ and it a fascinating phenomenon to observe.

Rangko Cave, on the other hand, features a pool inside the cave. The clear natural pool inside the cave is surrounded by stalagmites and stalactites, which shimmer in the light. Those who visit say it is one of the most beautiful things they have ever seen.

In addition to the caves, you can also visit the various villages and enjoy the culture. Take for example the Todo Village which is an ancient village that features sacred and mythical stones believed to have guarded the whole village.

Another village, Cancar village is popular for the spider-webbed paddy fields. The best to view these paddies is from a vantage point, which means tourist can hike the Puncak Weol Hill.

Car Rental

Car Rental Tips Archives – Ways Your Luxury Car Benefits Your Business

Luxury cars get a high-price impression from almost every individual that sees it. Luxury SUV Rentals give your business a better image for your clients, and when it comes to renting corporate luxury cars, the answer is not only a simple reason. This article will give you insights into the ways of how your luxury car can bring benefits to your business and will guide you in avoiding several mistakes of going cheap.

  • You get diversification. The model and the brand of the car that you use for business set a diversification and will separate you apart from the rest of your competitors in terms of status. Even if your competitor tries to copy your methods, bear in mind that imitation is sincerest of flattery. Think of it this way, your car investment on a luxury car rental will be a great move, while everyone is still scrambling to recreate your previous action, you will have already made your next one. More often than not, it will get possible to create a parody if you feel that your clientele enjoys that route.
  • Good impression creates good financial appreciation. In every business, this statement has been repeatedly proven. A business will often have to go through multiple savvy courting to get and maintain larger accounts. After all, what’s a better way to wow that ride luxury wheels rental for those critical sessions?
  • You can use it as marketing material. Rather than having an ROI, the cost of renting luxury cars is very minuscule compared to that. The presentation of sports cars and any other luxury transportation options will give you the benefit of a great corporate image since this will act as a marketing and social campaign for your business. Especially when you happen to be a part of a corporate travel agency, it will be tough to buy your own luxury wheels to use for a client who is in need of a Ferrari, so it is better to rent and only pay a fraction of the total original firsthand price.
  • You make a tread on the business’ competition. Rather than slowly eroding at the rock walls of your competitor like a river that’s slicing out of its bed, why not slam down the pedal and enjoy your competitor’s demise in the rearview mirror of your rented luxury car? Luxury items such as high-end automobiles make a statement of success. It is a better way to build trust, earn new business, and stand apart as a solid foundation since when you invest in an image for your business, you will then for sure reap the rewards.
  • This increases your business’s revenue. Investing in high-end cars to increase to enable a business’s increase in revenue might sound like a crazy idea. What better way it is to sprinkle an exotic car or two out front to impress the audience of your company and perhaps, shuttle your VIP clients to and from their respective destinations. Your business’s growth percentage will provide a big impact to your total income, and it will only grow with your maintained image.

Now that you know the benefits that a luxury car rental can bring to your business, opt to search for luxury car rental companies online by typing rental cars near me.


Things that you should know before visiting Cayo Sal

Want a refreshing environment for your mind and body? Well, then here is a perfect place for you, where you can find the peace and regain your mental health. Visiting Cayo Sal will give you everything you need. Though it’s a small island in Cay Sal bank between Florida, Cuba, and Bahamas, you can experience here the most amazing things. The good news is the Bahamas now have the permission from the U.S. Coast Guard to fly over there regularly, so now it’s easier to travel there because it’s no longer inhabited. Escaping to the Bahamas has been always the best choice of tourists and travelers.

Stunning view in Cayo Sal

Cayo Sal is an amazing place with a beautiful natural view. It is located in the Southwestern zone of the Cay Sal Bank and is the main island. The island is quite old and you can say that by its exterior design of dilapidated buildings which is covered with stunted palm trees. Cayo Sal is also known for producing natural good, clean salt. It also has a large salt pond in its interior. Cayo Sal is also suitable for anchorage for its leeward side.

Things to do in Cayo Sal

Cayo Sal is 1.6 km in length and 1.2 km in the area which is certainly a small place but it’s suitable for sailing. It is the nearest island to Cuba, only thirty miles away. One of the unique sailing destinations of Cuba and most of the Americans believed that for decades. Tourists are well appreciated by the people of this island. It is a unique place for sailing. Sailing turs near Cayo Sal Island is also a great preference for many tourist. This island is quite isolated and the reefs and cays are idyllic for sailing. Tourists can choose Yachts, lagoon, boats etc for sailing in the sea. Some agency even gives you the offer to explore Havana and other beautiful isles on the yachts and boats. You will have the most stunning view from the sea and the wonderful feeling of joy. Its crystal clear water, traditional seafood will definitely make you feel special in that very place.

Cultural diversity

If you really want to have a test of the diverse culture you must visit this island. People will give you a very warm welcome and find a local is a guide is extremely easy. Those who will be visiting this island for the very first time should definitely seek help from the locals. If you come to this place with a very short time in hand finding the all the attractive places will be very fact, it will take months to discover all the natural and cultural beauties. For this very reason, many people prefer promotional tour package since they always tend to give the best value to their clients. But still, it’s your choice whether you will have a preplanned vacation or spend some extra timing on planning to visit this amazing place.