Discover the Aqua venture Water Park and Its Activities on Your Next Trip

Atlantis the palm is one of the most prominent and beautiful resorts that is located on Palm Jumeirah Island in Dubai. All the people in UAE love this resort and prefer it whenever they want to go out for an exotic holiday. They have introduced Atlantis the Palm discount code that offers big discounts on all the stays, dining, and nightlife. There is a lot of water activities planned for the travelers while the Spa, gym, and salons will keep everyone happy and entertained. You will be happy to know that there are about 23 restaurants inside while the suites and rooms have a lot of facilities to offer.

Aquaventure Water Park

The largest water park in the world is open and you can explore it with your family and loved ones. It is located inside Atlantis the palm and it is voted one of the top choices on Trip advisor. If you are going to Dubai as a traveler you cannot afford to miss the park while the locals also love to visit this water park. Make use of your Atlantis The Palm discount code and get the biggest discounts without worrying about your holiday budget going up. The water park offers about 30 different rides and attractions. It is going to be record-breaking fun for one and all.

Aqua venture Beach And Water Sports

You can head towards the Aquaventure beach and get to discover all the water sports. You can hire a kayak and paddleboat to explore the beach and it will give unique vibes. The travelers can explore the clear water of the Arabian Sea and make this adventure the best one. You can use the Atlantis the palm discount code and big discounts will be given on all the water sport activities here. Tourists have the option to book a boat tour or have a Jet Ski ride around Palm Island while taking a look at the iconic sights.

Dolphin Bay

Your trip to Dubai will not be complete if you don’t visit the cute dolphins at Dolphin Bay. Atlantis the Palm discount code will make all the activities affordable including the entry ticket. There is a variety of programs and you can take a closer look at the dolphins and play with them. The magnificent mammals are cut and you will love to take care of them. Dolphin meet and greet will be fun as the tourists have the option to click some photos with the lovely dolphins.

Sea Lion Point

All the travelers are welcome to the sea lion point and imagine swimming around these cute animals. The environment is safe and secure and your dream will become a reality with a wide range of experiences. If you have the Atlantis the Palm discount code you can avail of all the big discounts on every activity. Sealion discovery and meet and greet will make all the children happy and they can also learn how to take care of them. The environment is safe and the activities are for 6 years old and above. 

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Ergchebbi Tours Rediscovering The Sahara

There are a number of professional tourist organizers who conduct regular sight-seeing trips to Sahara desert and Morocco. South Morocco is a place of tourist attraction owing to its natural beauty as well as the historic set up. The spectacular Atlas Mountain, the lush green palms, the Kasbahs of prehistoric times and the villages with walls made of handmade soil bricks are the attractions at Morocco. Tourists will have the exciting experiences of travelling over camels along the sandy desert of Sahara and spending some time in the villages in the company of the Berber people. The tourist organizers offer various packages for the Morocco Desert Tour for single travelers as well as groups. During the trip there will be special programs such as camel treks, sightseeing trips at Marrakech and Fez, and adventure programs in Morocco. The guides from the agencies will accompany the tourists and stay with them at Morocco. There are daily pre-scheduled departures and they provide all comforts and facilities to the tourists throughout the trip.

As part of the package the organizers will arrange accommodation for the tourists in reputed hotels, riads and Kasbahs. They ensure the best quality rooms and foods at the hotels at the most reasonable prices. Travelers who intend to join a Morocco desert Tour can contact the organizers online and register their names. The tourist agencies offer the best discounted rates for the package tour and also they will arrange local guides, camel drivers and muleteers at Morocco. These travel organizers have long-standing business relationships with the hotels and other local establishments in Morocco so that the tourists are assured of the best attention and care.

Separate cars, vans or buses will be arranged at Morocco for road transportation of the tourists. The service team at Morocco will consist of multilingual professionals, drivers and certified travel guides. The journey begins from Marrakech and the road will be going over the Atlas Mountains. From Tizi n Tichka which is at a height of about 2300m the road will come down from the mountain ranges to deserts and oases. After the lovely Draa Valley, the tourists will be reaching the oases town of Zagora. At Zagora, there are a lot of places for night stay. From Zagora, the journey can be extended further as per wishes of the tourists. All tourists are entitled for a camel ride of 3 hours and they will spend the night in the desert in a Bedouin Camp. They can enjoy the most spectacular desert scenes – sunset and sunrise.

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LVMH Is Building A Private Theme Park In Paris For 63 Millions Euros

Disney still does it with us just as well when we were five years old.Still we are enchanted by the fairy tales, the worlds, the romance and the princesses that Disney showed us.But the theme park that Paris is richer soon has nothing to do with princesses or Mickey Mouse.

LVMH is following the luxury mega company when Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Louis Vuitton are building a fun park for around 63 million euros in Paris.In the big Jardin d’Acclimatation the newest park is being built and the plan is that there will be no less than 17 different attractions.

Do not expect Louis Vuitton logos or Fendi roller coasters.The inspiration for the park is apparently LVMH from Steampunk.So think of the movie Mad Max and Burning Man.The focus will be on steam driven vehicles and machines, such as steam trains.

Next year the park must be ready and is expected to be the second most visited park in France.

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Cycle Holidays Are a Great Way to Enjoy Your Vacation

Going on vacation is a pleasure that most everyone enjoys, but sometimes travelling on a bus with other travellers can get exhausting. Sticking to a predetermined schedule and being unable to get out and really enjoy the country that you are visiting can make travel a wearisome experience. As more and more people wish for a different travelling experience, they will be pleased to find out about cycle tours. These are a wonderful alternative for the person that wants to really immerse themselves in the area where they are travelling, take things at their own speed, and doesn’t want to feel like they have to be a part of a crowd on their vacation.

Really Enjoy the Area

Self-guided cycle holidays in the UK are the perfect way to enjoy your vacation. Rather than eating at predetermined restaurants or only stopping to see specific sights, you will be able to plan and change your vacation according to the weather, how you feel, and your energy level. If you want to sit and enjoy a glass of wine outside, you are able to do that. If you’d rather bike most of the day to see different areas, then that is also an option.

Meet New People

It’s very difficult to have the opportunity to talk to local residents where you are travelling when you are with a big group. Talking with a store owner about their wares or visiting with your waiter at a cafe is almost impossible when there are twenty other people trying to get the person’s attention. When you are on a cycle tour, you can visit and get to know people that you would not ordinarily have the time to meet.

Choosing a Package

One of the most fun parts of booking a cycle tour is choosing your vacation package. For more athletic types, a trip that pushes you physically can be enjoyable. If you want instead to spend time with your family and relax, then you will want a trip that provides a lot more down time. Luckily, when you work with a quality travel company, you will be able to customise your trip to meet your exact needs and desires. It doesn’t matter your age or experience on a bike, there is a trip that you’ll love.

The next time you want to go on a vacation, but aren’t sure that you want to be with a huge crowd, consider a cycle tour. Not only will you be able to exercise in a gorgeous part of the country, but you can take your time and really enjoy your trip, no matter your itinerary.