Get Back to Nature

New Zealand is one of the few developed nations in the world where you can get back to the true wilderness; a place of natural beauty, lush trees and snow-capped mountains make for majestic vistas that allow mighty tales to be conjured up by someone’s mind. It is little wonder then that the epic Lord of the Rings movie sagas and later The Hobbit Trilogy filming locations were based entirely in the Archipelago nation. The superlative quality of the scenery evokes instant breath-taking inspiration. New Zealand is the perfect landscape for tales of fantasy – as is the fact that the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit director, Peter Jackson, is a Kiwi too!

Your Own Epic Adventure?

New Zealand is the youngest landmass in the world, it is has also been inhabited by humans for the shortest amount of time, so it retains a little bit of an unspoilt quality. The country that has the UK’s queen as Head of State is a little larger than Britain but far less populated, with only roughly 4.7 million New Zealanders and Maori living there. So there is space in spades to explore this unique and wonderful corner of the world. Explore the isolation, the mountains, the beaches, the modern cities and the varying weather in awe!

A World of Difference on Small Islands

There are an estimated 30 million sheep on New Zealand, so if they were to revolt and overthrow their human and Border Collie overlords chaos would reign! Dodging that unlikely outcome, one can certainly spot many of the animals dotted through New Zealand on Campervan Holidays making them an epic way to travel and holiday on these islands in their own right. The country is positioned in a unique way that allows it to benefit from a truly temperate climate, although that does not stop extremes from existing in the nation. In the far north of North Island, summers can get subtropical while the winter can result in temperatures as low as -10 Celsius in some of the more mountainous regions of the south.

Freedom of the Open Road

Driving around the deserted roads and wild open spaces across the nation is a liberating experience, the beauty and magnificence is only further amplified by the remoteness of New Zealand’s location. Lying about 1,400 miles from the eastern coast of Australia, the southern tip of the archipelago rests at a nexus between three of the world’s great oceans: the Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, the last bastion of nature before a wilderness of sea leads to swathes of ice on Antarctica. Any traveller to this vibrant country that also has a rich, diverse history, a blend of European and Maori history (just take a look at the All Blacks perform The Haka for example).

As different from Australia as Australia was to Captain Cook who landed there, New Zealand is really a place that driving around lets you truly soak up as a remarkable place.


Tips to Plan Budget Travel Holidays

We all want fabulous budget travel holidays without breaking the bank. Here are three tips that will help you plan your next great holiday while staying on a budget. We’ll go over the months you should target to travel that will give you the greatest travel savings, which type of airports to fly out of, and more general tips to give you the greatest bang for you buck. Let’s get started:

  1. Try to travel during “Shoulder Season”, a term coined by the travel industry. This is a great time to travel because it’s not High Season, which is when it’s most expensive to travel and most crowded, and it’s not Low Season, when the crowds are not there but the weather is the worst. You can generally save hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, on your vacation just by targeting Shoulder Season because airfare and hotels are cheaper. For example, go to Hawaii in March or September, Tahiti in November, Costa Rica in December, or Baja California in June.
  2. Use the internet to your advantage. Many airlines, resorts, cruise companies, and hotel websites offer rewards to people who subscribe to their e-mails lists. Usually all it takes is for you to visit their website and find the place where you can enter your e-mail in exchange for discounts, rewards, etc. These e-mail lists are often one of the first or only places to get major, unadvertised discounts. Social marketing is on the upswing and you can follow the airlines, etc. on Twitter to get similar savings also.
  3. Be flexible with your travel planning. By being open to flying out of a less commercial airport, or staying in a neighboring city that borders the touristy city, you will save money. Many people want to go to San Francisco but cannot afford the pricey hotel rooms in the city. Consider staying in neighboring Berkely and taking public transportation into San Francisco. Neighboring cities often have the same “feel” as the touristy cities, yet the local businesses are more accommodating and even grateful for your business. You are more apt to be treated like royalty because the locals like you being there, rather than being an annoyance, aka “just another tourist”. Minor travel adjustments such as this can save you hundreds on your trip, while still being able to vacation in the city of your choice.

I hope this helps you see that the possibility of budget travel holidays can be a reality with a little planning and ingenuity. Flexibility in travel planning goes a long way to huge savings. Be a smart shopper and use the internet. It’s a great resource for budget travel. By following these simple tips, you will be able to have your budget travel holiday.


Travel Tips To Ensure a Great Vacation

Vacationing is this kind of an pleasant experience that we would like we could do it all the time. Regrettably most of us only get a couple weeks a yr (if we’re fortunate) to consider our vacations.

In purchase to make sure that individuals trips are the really finest and every thing we anticipate (unlike the many take a trip motion pictures where there are nightmares all over every single corner), we want to offer our leading ten take a trip ideas so your vacation trips are very memorable – in a excellent way of course.

Low cost Florida Tours Major 13 Vacation Suggestions (these are in no particular purchase):

Program early and book when a very good deal fits your spending budget or smells right. There are much more and far more take a trip businesses popping up everyday. Why? Simply because as the baby boomer generation will get older and when they boot their youngsters out of the residence, they are vacationing a lot more and a lot more. Great offers are simple to discover and there are numerous reputable businesses that offer you excellent costs and fares.

Know about your destination and the finest instances to journey. Recall when Chevy Chase will take the entire household cross land only to locate out their preferred enjoyable park is closed? Don’t let that take place to you. Know what is going on and when the greatest instances to journey are. For illustration, most individuals know that March and April have a tendency to be spring break periods. Properly, if you bring your small kinds to Panama Town Florida throughout these months, odds are you are going to run into wild, college children. Bummer for your kids and you.

Take care of points at residence. Producing confident the loved ones pet or the residence is taken treatment of is essential. You don’t want to come residence to a disaster soon after you’ve had a amazing getaway.

Spending plan wisely. Even if you don’t have a spending plan it is intelligent to consider proper care of your cash. Make positive that if the worst occurred you nonetheless have money to fall back on. If you are on a spending plan be wise and enjoy accomplishing items on holiday that aren’t intending to have you using out a 2nd mortgage just to spend for anything.

Don’t neglect your essential files. There is absolutely nothing a lot more irritating than forgetting one thing when you are hundreds or hundreds of miles from residence.

Strategy items to do ahead of time. Yet again, get to know your location of choice to determine how
near you are to several actions and dining places. There is absolutely nothing like landing a excellent package on a hotel only to discover out it is miles from something or in a area that is not suited for a fantastic holiday. For instance, a resort that is so far away from the beach you will need to catch a plane just to get there. Also, you want to make certain that everyone traveling with you will have enjoyable! Once again, in Vegas Holiday when the youngsters are as well youthful to gamble, they have to appear up with imaginative techniques to have a good time (therefore Nick Popagorgio).

Sign up for online newsletters and retain your ear to the ground about your vacation spot of selection.

Read the fine print. This can truly bite you in the behind on certain points like rentals and this kind of.

Utilize a checklist and make certain anything is in buy prior to and throughout the vacation. From booking to packing to examine in to relaxation, don’t neglect something.

Have fun and take pleasure in yourself. No matter what type of holiday you are going on, the aim is to not want to arrive back again.


Unforgettable all-inclusive ski holidays with Club Med

This winter has seen some of the best ski conditions yet, with powdery slopes gracing all areas of the French and Swiss Alps. Take advantage and book an unforgettable ski escape with Club Med. With great savings, there’s never been a better time to book.

When it comes to ski holidays, Club Med is frequently regarded as a pioneer of the all-inclusive concept. A brand you can trust, Club Med believes that peace of mind is key, whether you’re travelling with family, in a couple or with friends.

A Club Med all-inclusive holiday really does include everything you could possibly need with flights, accommodation, gourmet food, unlimited wines, beers and spirits, lift passes, lessons, children’s clubs, non-ski activities, après-ski entertainment and so much more!

Club Med Villages are ideally situated in 23 locations around the world. From the Olympic runs of Val D’Isere to Les Trois Vallées and Le Grand Domaine, there are resorts to suit all levels of skiers and snowboarders. Most of the resorts are ski from the door, allowing more time to enjoy the slopes.

Skiing with children need not be stressful. From interconnecting rooms to children’s clubs and lessons for all ages, Club Med’s 40 years’ experience of family holidays means every last detail is taken care of.

Choose an adrenaline-packed adventure at Club Med Val d’Isère for an adventurous ski holiday from only £982 per adult – a saving of up to £100 per person. This renowned resort set high up in the heart of the French Alps has attracted ski champions around the world and offers the perfect setting for adventurous ski enthusiasts. Located at the foot of 300km of ski slopes, Club Med Val d’Isère offers great skiing throughout the end of April.

Alternatively, travel at the beginning of February for the perfect ski break at La Plagne 2100 in the French Alps. Hit the slopes from just £1,169 per adult. Reach new heights and venture to the Alpine slopes where, at the recently renovated resort, ski enthusiasts can enjoy an exhilarating skiing adventure. From the vast ski domain to the relaxing Turkish baths and Jacuzzi, La Plagne caters for all and promises a hassle-free ski holiday for those looking for a powdery escape.

For another great destination to ski with the whole family, choose Club Med Avoriaz from £1,044 per adult, including flights. Boasting more than 650km of slopes, Club Med Avoriaz is a great resort for quality skiing.

A winter wonderland for skiers of all levels, featuring a snowy playground for younger children as well as offering tailored activities for teenagers. Plus, the ski area of Portes du Soleil, the largest in Europe, starts right in the heart of the car-free resort. Families even have the possibility of using horse-drawn sleighs to reach a far-away destination a bit faster!

Have fun on the Italian slopes at Club Med Cervinia in the heart of the Alps. A seven-day holiday starts from just £1,032 per person including flights. Club Med Cervinia is ideal for families of all ages. With activity clubs for children as young as two years old, there is plenty of opportunity for the parents to hit the slopes.


Vacation Tips for First-Time Travelers

Vacations are supposed to be a fun, relaxing time to experience a new environment and get away from the routines of everyday life. However, travelers need to be prepared for common tourist threats before escaping to the mountains, hitting the beach, or jet setting to another country. Keep these safety tips in mind, so you can bring home good memories:

  • Before you leave – Arrange for someone to pick up your mail or have the post office hold it until you return. Leave a light on somewhere and park a car in the driveway to make it seem like someone is home. Copy every important document you plan to take with you (license, passport, credit and debit card numbers, etc.). Leave them with a trusted relative or friend.
  • Money matters – Never carry large amounts of cash on you. Use cards or travelers checks and carry a small amount of money for emergencies.
  • Sharks – Sharks rarely target humans, but many are moving closer to shore to seek their natural food sources. Unfortunately, humans can be confused for prey. There have already been several shark attacks off the east coast this summer. Avoid swimming at dawn and dusk. Never swim where others are fishing. Keep your pets on shore and use the buddy system in the water. If you are attacked, defend yourself by jabbing at the eyes and gills if possible. Get a waterproof case and keep your phone nearby at the beach to report an accident or shark attack emergency.
  • Boating – Boating accidents can leave victims stranded in the water. Know the laws in the area where you go out and always have a life-preserver within reach. If possible, keep a cellphone nearby in a waterproof case to make emergency calls.
  • Foreign countries – If you travel abroad, research the laws, customs, and culture of the society you will be visiting. Ask your hotel concierge to identify any unsafe areas and understand guidelines for traveling with children, pets, or individuals with special needs.
  • Excursions – You may have your heart set on an excursion during your cruise or resort stay. Make sure that someone knows where you will be and when you are expected to come back. Take the time to ask questions before activities like zip lining, parasailing, and skydiving. Thoroughly understanding the equipment and procedures can help you stay safe.
  • Bedbugs – You may be exposed to bedbugs, whether you travel domestically or abroad. If you do notice the telltale signs of bedbugs (small, itchy welts) or see the critters in your room, there are a few things you can do to decrease the likelihood of spreading them. Before you leave the hotel, hostel, or rental home, put all your clothing in sorted plastic bags for your journey home. At home, put clothes in the dryer on the hottest setting for an hour or two before washing. For peace of mind, you may want to contact a local exterminating company to check your home in the weeks after your trip.

With a few safety reminders fresh in your mind, you can head off to your vacation confident that you know what to do if something goes awry.


Tips on Finding the Best Golf Courses to Visit During Vacation

Whatever kind of trip you are planning, you will need to identify the best golf courses so you can get the most out of your experience while you are there.

Here are a few tips on how you can find the best greens when you are traveling away from home:

Learn about Course Characteristics

All golf courses are designed a bit differently. Sure, the end result is to get the ball in the hole, but you may have to make it over hilly terrain, deal with huge sandbars, or manage other obstacles along the way. Some places are designed for a more professional skill set, while others are created with amateurs in mind. They may offer the full 18 holes, or they may only offer nine. Make sure you know exactly what to expect from the green before you sign up for a game. You’ll be operating on limited time, and you don’t want to waste any of it on an unsatisfying game.

Look for Places Open to the Public

Some of the very best golf courses in the world are not open to the public. You usually must have a membership to the country club or to the greens themselves. If you are just visiting, you aren’t likely to invest in a membership. Make sure you find out whether the course is open to the public before you put it on your list. You don’t want to wait until you’re turned away at the door to find out that you aren’t going to be able to play there.

Find Out about Greens Fees

Even if the golf courses you choose are open to the public, they will still charge you fees for the privilege of playing. You may also be required to pay additional fees for required items. Some places will provide a discount at certain times of the week or certain times of the day — usually the least busy days and times. If you want to play somewhere that charges high fees, you can still make it fit your budget by planning your game during one of these discounted times. Add in caddy fees and other charges you may face.

Playing a round of golf is a great way to relax, helping you to enjoy your vacation even more. Going to new golf courses on your vacation can help you enjoy a little variety in your game. Make sure that you research potential places to play before you make your agenda to ensure that they will meet your needs and fit your budget. These tips can help you identify the right places to play so that you have a game and a vacation to remember.


Three Reasons Why An Island Vacation Is An Ideal Trip

One of the most common dreams for those planning a trip is to escape from the world. There are many ways to do this, from remote camping to cruises. An island vacation can provide the same escape in an incredibly relaxing environment, and here are three reasons why you should consider a getaway on a small or private key for your next vacation.

A Variety of Options

If you are like most people, when you hear the words island vacation you start thinking of the Caribbean and other exotic locations. However, the United States offers a collection of isles, cays, and keys that are as diverse as the rest of its landscape. In fact, in America alone there are over 18,000 named islands. Alaska offers more than 2,500, many of which have hotels and rental properties. The coast of Maine is lined with isles, both small and large. The Great Lakes offer thousands more islets for campers, renters, and summer visitors. Michigan alone has more coastline than any state other than Alaska. In short, no matter what type of climate you prefer, you can find a remote getaway on an isle somewhere in the U.S.

The True Escape

When people talk about taking a break from work they say they need to get away. An island vacation offers travelers a getaway from the rest of the world in the truest sense of the word. The smaller the isle, the greater the escape. Many of the smaller pieces of land have no private cars, and in some cases no roads at all. All food and supplies have to be brought in by boat, making simplicity the order of the day. Visitors don’t have to deal with traffic or noise pollution. The wind and waves are the loudest sounds to be heard in the evenings. If you like the company of people you can visit one of the larger islets that has a permanent community. They often offer events such as ice cream socials, scavenger hunts, dances, and movie watching parties. Smaller pieces of land sometimes host only a single house for those who value their privacy.

A Variety of Activities

Other than shopping, the most popular activity for people on a trip is swimming and other water sports. Fifty percent of all people on holiday list it as their number one pursuit. An island vacation is an ideal location to engage in these types of activities and more. In Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico, snorkeling, surfing, and rum-based cocktails are the order of the day. New England provides beautiful boating, and wonderful seafood and Alaska offers extraordinary fishing and hunting opportunities for the sportsman.

In conclusion, stop dreaming of a getaway on an isle in the middle of the sea. Go ahead and plan one. With locales as diverse as can be imagined, there are thousands of options.


The Ultimate Control for Your Budget During A Vacation or Road Trip

For holiday makers who would love to travel for a considerably long period of time, prepaid travel credit cards can be the best budget control tool to use while on vacation. These cards are more like travelers checks but they are relatively hassle-free. All the card holder needs to do is load it before traveling and use it to spend or withdraw cash just as one would use a debit card. And because they’re preloaded, one can keep tight control of the spending during holiday or trip.

Are They Safe?

Most of them are offered or backed by reputable banks and building societies hence they are completely safe. Ideally, when one loads cash into a prepaid card, the cash goes directly into a ring-fenced account that’s separate from the card provider’s account. This means if the prepaid card company runs out of money, the card holder’s money will still be retained in the bank or building society the individual has banked the money in. However, should the bank the holder is registered with go bust, the cash in question will not be protected. Hence, choosing to work with a reputable banking institution is very important to anyone wishing to use the credit card.

What Will Happen If One Is Lost Or Stolen?

After the card is lost or stolen, the first thing the holder should do is contact the provider of the prepaid card to get it blocked. And to continue using the services of the credit card, one might need to replace the stolen Card. It might cost some few bucks but it’s the only way through which one can continue enjoying the money and services using the credit card. Those wishing to acquire prepaid credit cards should pay attention to credit cards that are without contacts. Contactless cards, if stolen, can be used in carrying out a series of fraudulent transactions which might result in the card holder losing lots of money.

Do Prepaid Credit Card Providers Offer Higher Exchange Rates?

While most of the specialist cards that use Visa and MasterCard offer almost similar exchange rates, prepaid cards tend to use different rates most of the time. When setting exchange rates, prepaid credit cards usually take a certain percentage as their exchange fees. Hence, it’s upon the individual wishing to acquire the card to do a comparison between the ‘perfect exchange rate’ in the market and prepaid card rates to identify the best.

Are Prepaid Card Exchange Rates Affected By Currency Fluctuations?

Unlike the conventional credit and debit cards that provide different exchange rates depending on the day the holder spends, prepaid credit cards only use the same exchange rate which was set on the day the card was loaded. The lock-in rate is very important and can either work for or against the card holder. For instance, if the dollar or pound weakens, the card holder wins because the rate is high and fixed. On the other hand, if the currency in question strengthens, the card user will not be able to enjoy the high exchange rate when spending on the particular day. But generally, prepaid cards are the best for holiday makers because one is guaranteed of a fixed rate throughout the holiday period.


Five Reasons to Visit Rome During Holidays

Rome is a destination of myriad attractions and rejoicings. Let’s discover the royal celebrations this vacation at the capital city of Italy. The accommodation is never a woe or expensive deal while traveling to Rome; as the furnished rental apartments Rome has completely taken over the expensive hotels.

Check, out the apartments before you visit amid photographs, video tour, reviews of apartments or apartment providers, and by checking previous clients’ testimonies. However, furnished apartments are just a replica of your sweet home and provide utmost comfort with privacy.

The Colosseum

Your trek might not be finish unless you sat down for a bit to visit the Colosseum. Just the site of it from the outside is sufficient to make your jaw drop in awe stuck beauty. This massive structure initiated existence to many people’s surprise as a horse racing circuit, and to house the gladiator clashes of Roman reputation. Numerous accept that the name of this sublime wonder was originally given to it as a tribute to the statue of Colossus belonging to Nero, which stood in the vicinity.

The Roman Forum

One of the few historic sites in Rome that is free for visitors to investigate is the Roman Forum. The recommended starting place for your tour might be the Capitoline Hill, which provides a spectacular perspective of the Roman method for life. You can get glimpses of the ruins and remains of open baths and temples of the time. The Roman Forum sits at the core of what was once illustrious Rome. The neighborhoods nearby popular attractions also provide short term rentals in Rome for travelers looking for accommodation at affordable rates.

The Vatican

The Vatican is the seat of the Catholic confidence, and is the home of numerous attractions, not the least of which is St Peter’s Basilica. The Vatican museums house enormous collections of symbolization from as far and wide as possible, including work by Michelangelo, and a wide cluster of other widely acclaimed masterpieces. Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel is a different must see when you are visiting Rome.

The Trevi Fountain

Distinguished as the largest fountain in the ornate style in Rome, the Trevi Fountain is a representation of the Roman God of the Sea, Neptune. Visitors regularly toss coins into the waters of the fountain to signify a comeback to this city. This fountain has showed up in various famous films, including Roman holiday.

The Spanish Steps

Scalinata Spagna otherwise reputed to be the Spanish Steps has turned into the gathering place for remote visitors. During the eighteenth century, you could find Italy’s most stunning ladies and men as regular visitors to this spot. For those who have inconvenience navigating the steep steps, a lift is provided which can take you to the top. The lift is spotted right outside of the metro stop.

Adventure Holidays

Cycle Holidays Are a Great Way to Enjoy Your Vacation

Going on vacation is a pleasure that most everyone enjoys, but sometimes travelling on a bus with other travellers can get exhausting. Sticking to a predetermined schedule and being unable to get out and really enjoy the country that you are visiting can make travel a wearisome experience. As more and more people wish for a different travelling experience, they will be pleased to find out about cycle tours. These are a wonderful alternative for the person that wants to really immerse themselves in the area where they are travelling, take things at their own speed, and doesn’t want to feel like they have to be a part of a crowd on their vacation.

Really Enjoy the Area

Self-guided cycle holidays in the UK are the perfect way to enjoy your vacation. Rather than eating at predetermined restaurants or only stopping to see specific sights, you will be able to plan and change your vacation according to the weather, how you feel, and your energy level. If you want to sit and enjoy a glass of wine outside, you are able to do that. If you’d rather bike most of the day to see different areas, then that is also an option.

Meet New People

It’s very difficult to have the opportunity to talk to local residents where you are travelling when you are with a big group. Talking with a store owner about their wares or visiting with your waiter at a cafe is almost impossible when there are twenty other people trying to get the person’s attention. When you are on a cycle tour, you can visit and get to know people that you would not ordinarily have the time to meet.

Choosing a Package

One of the most fun parts of booking a cycle tour is choosing your vacation package. For more athletic types, a trip that pushes you physically can be enjoyable. If you want instead to spend time with your family and relax, then you will want a trip that provides a lot more down time. Luckily, when you work with a quality travel company, you will be able to customise your trip to meet your exact needs and desires. It doesn’t matter your age or experience on a bike, there is a trip that you’ll love.

The next time you want to go on a vacation, but aren’t sure that you want to be with a huge crowd, consider a cycle tour. Not only will you be able to exercise in a gorgeous part of the country, but you can take your time and really enjoy your trip, no matter your itinerary.