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Looking for the ISKCON Temples in India? Here are the top 6

ISKCON is a global organisation of the Gaudiya Vaishnava religious group, colloquially known as the Hare Krishna movement. A great Hindu saint A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founded ISKCON in 1966 in New York City. ISKCON’s core beliefs are based on the Gaudiya Vaishnava Hindu scriptures and traditions and revolve around the worship of Lord Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and his female counterpart Radha Rani. The most beautiful, famous and pleasing thing about ISKCON is its beautiful temples with intricate carving, reflecting the Indian Hindu architecture. If you are looking for some beautiful ISKCON temples in India, here are the top 6:

Sri Krishna-Balaram Temple, Vrindavan

Vrindavan is the epicentre of pilgrimage for the members of the ISKCON and Gaudiya Vaishnava sect of Hinduism. Sri Krishna-Balaram Temple situated in Vrindavan is one of the major and the first-ever ISKCON Temple in India. It dates back to 1975. The temple is gigantic and is an excellent example of North Indian Hindu architecture. The white marble look of the establishment offers a mesmerising look to the devotees and visitors. Its serene infrastructure with intricate carvings soothes the senses of the pilgrims here. The temple’s presiding deity is Krishna and his elder brother Balarama whose idols are located at the central altar. The right altar has the idols of Radha and Krishna, and the left altar houses Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The Janmashtami festival of this temple is very famous and is celebrated with utmost joy and zest.

ISKCON Temple, Mayapur

ISKCON Temple at Mayapur, West Bengal, often regarded as the Temple of Vedic Planetarium, is the headquarter of ISKCON. Mayapur holds great significance for the believers of ISKCON as it is the hub of the Gaudiya Vaishnava sect and is often proclaimed as the birthplace of a great Vaishnava Saint Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The temple’s foundation was laid in 1972, and its construction started in 2010. It is aimed to be completed by 2022. After completion, it will be the largest Hindu temple in the world. The gigantic and massive dome of the temple is the centre of attraction. Thousands of tourists and devotees flock during the special Hindu festivals. On special days, the Temple Gods are adorned with attractive and new attire, and the temple hosts many cultural fests and events.

Sri Radha Krishna Temple, Bangalore

Situated in North Bangalore’s Rajajinagar, Sri Radha Krishna Temple is one of the grand Krishna Hindu Temples among other international establishments. It is affiliated with the revival of the ISKCON Revival Movement. The establishment was started off by the ninth Indian President Shankar Dayal Sharma, back in 1997. Janmashtami celebrations at this temple are famous all over India. Tasting the Bhog of this temple is a must-try during Janmashtami festivities. The Grand Aarti of Lord Krishna and its spacious community centre celebrations attract many people to the temple. Visitors love the environment and also indulge in singing, dancing and reciting prayers.

Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Temple, Delhi

Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi temple is located in Delhi’s Greater Kailash area with all its splendid beauty. The temple was inaugurated in 1988 by the former Prime Minister of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee. It is one of the largest and grand Hindu architectures, housing a giant sacred book that weighs 800 kg. The temple is a great place to explore major Hindu imprints and texts via modern technologies. Mahabharata Experience, Ramayana Art Gallery, Bhagavad Gita Animatronics, and Bhagwat Puran Exhibit are located inside this grand temple. The grandeur of the Janmashtami festival here can be estimated by the fact that around 7-8 lakh people assemble every year.

Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari Ji Temple, Mumbai

Located just a few meters from the scenic Juhu Beach in Mumbai, Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari Ji Temple, Mumbai holds a special place in ISKCON devotees’ hearts. The idols of this temple were installed by Swami Srila Prabhupada, founder of ISKCON himself. From attractive lights to floral decorations, this temple attracts thousands of devotees and mainly during festive seasons. The temple also depicts Krishna stories beautifully. It houses both spiritual books and has a multimedia section.

ISKCON Temple, Pune

The ISKCON Temple, located in the Kondhwa area in Pune, is an outstanding beauty to be admired. This grand temple complex houses two establishments- The Radha Krishna Temple (the main one) and the Venkateswara Balaji Temple. The temple was constructed with a fund of 40 crores which ISKCON funded. The monument depicts a unique fusion of culture. It is built in the North Indian style of architecture and is made with red stone. The latter part of the temple harbours South Indian architecture using Kota stone,

The above temples are the epicentres of the ISKCON Organisation in India. These are highly recommended for not just locals but tourists too. These temples are some of the best places to understand and learn about Hindu cultures and Indian values. Locals and tourists overcrowd the majority of the ISKCON Temples during festivals like Janmashtami and Holi. Therefore it is recommended for the tourists to get their hotel booking completed online months before the festivals for the sake of their comfort. The spiritual vibe of these beautiful ISKCON Temples can only be felt after visiting these magnificent architectural marvels.

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Enjoy luxury spa treatments at Ayana Hotels

The Ayana hotel is world-renowned for its award-winning spa services. It carries this award gracefully and professionally by providing high-quality service in each and every five-star hotel that bears their name.

Spa service at Ayana Jakarta

The Ayana luxury spa Jakarta can be accessed at this five-star hotel in the city. You can expect award-winning services at the spa in this hotel. Here are some of the outstanding features of the spa at the Ayana hotel.

Professional attendants

One of the factors that attract guests to the Ayana Midplaza spa is the availability of professional attendants. Like every other Ayana service, the spa service at this city hotel is offered professionally and by well-trained attendants.

A mix of traditional and modern techniques

In the Ayana luxury spa, guests get the opportunity to enjoy a different skill set. Ayana spa attendants are well versed in the modern art of spa treatments as well as traditional Indonesian skills.

A combination of the modern skills and traditional oils leaves guests at this spa feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed in their bodies and minds. From a single spa treatment, one is able to work efficiently and effectively.

Spa treatments

At this luxury spa, enjoy relaxing reflexology to unburden your whole body, aromatic massages, and refreshing beauty treatments.

Every moment spent in the spa is worth your hard-earned money and will leave you feeling much better and with more energy. Every ended session leaves you looking forward to your next spas session.

Honeymoon spa treatments

When you honeymoon at the Ayana, you are privileged to enjoy a spa treatment in your room as a couple as a honeymoon gift from the hotel. You get a refreshing massage that helps you relax from the stress of wedding planning and from the success of your big day.

Specialized treatments

In addition to the ordinary spa treatments, you can also get the luxurious Elemis Facial Pro-Collagen Defy. This is a specialized facial treatment that you can get to ease the stress of life from your face. It strengthens and relaxes your facial muscles to get rid of wrinkles.

You can also get specialized facial treatments for men among other special massage and spa treatments.

Aromatherapy treatments

At the Ayana Hotels spa, you can also get a well-deserved moisturizing aromatherapy treatment session. It also comes with a full-body scrub and a traditional foot-washing ceremony.

At the end of this session, you are completely relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated ready to face the world and everything it throws your way.

Aesthetically decorated spas

The luxury spa treatment offered at the hotel is offered in a tastefully and beautifully decorated spa. The spas are beautiful and well-lit to enhance the effect of the spa treatments that you will be getting.

Other relaxation services that you will get at the hotel include:

Complimentary WIFI

The hotel offers all its guests free complimentary WIFI. It is available in every nook and cranny of the hotel and you can quickly catch up on your communication, entertainment and work as you relax in the hotel.

Numerous restaurants

The hotel has numerous restaurants that you can choose to dine from. There are restaurants for seafood and for the whole family. There are bars where you can enjoy happy hour as you socialize and network with your peers after work.

Beautiful rooms

The rooms at this hotel are exquisite. They are built to cater to the tastes of their targeted business travellers. The rooms have large windows put in to allow plenty of natural light. In addition, they offer you a unique vantage point to have a panoramic view of the busy city.


Enjoy a beautiful spa day at the Ayana Hotel Jakarta. You will get the Ayana speciality luxurious spa treatment. There are numerous spa treatments that you can enjoy at the hotel spa for a better mood, relaxation, and rejuvenation.a

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Five Star Hotel In Cirebon From Mister Aladin

Cirebon is one of regions in Indonesia that is growing very rapidly now. As both regency and administrative city, this region is a busy one. Moreover, ever since Cikopo Palimanan or then so called Cipali toll officially established, Cirebon becomes even a more strategic region. This region is one of the regions that is passed by Cipali toll. Some of Cipali toll gate out connects directly to Cirebon and its surrounding area. Cipali toll even lines up with Palikanci toll, a toll that lies in Cirebon region with gates out to region surrounding.

This such a proof that Cirebon is an important area especially in so called northern coast, in local is called Pantura, a busy route that connects Jabodatabek area to other area in Java Island. Between the other region in West Java province passed by Cipali tol, Cirebon is counted as the most developed one. Thus, it would not be one over saying to say that Cirebon is a very strategic region, a place where projects sounds real and promising. Many people travel from Jakarta and other big cities around Jabodetabek to Cirebon to find new land and prospect, many times it is simply to be one involved in its rapid development.

This region may be still developed, but its facilities are one not to be questioned. People may not find hotels with five star rate surround Cirebon area, but once they are in Cirebon, there are. The facilities are beside supporting, mass public transportation and main roads that connect to supporting cities surrounding it. And, with the existence of Cipali tol, anyone from Jabodetabek would not find significant difficulties to reach Cirebon anymore.

When you need to stay at hotels at Cirebon with five star rates, you basically can find it. However, the challenge is not about finding one but more on how to get to the booking at the right time. The numbers of 5 star hotels in Cirebon are of course not as many as in Jakarta and its connecting area, so you might find yourself need to be in a rush or effective booking. But, no need to worry because as long as you book with online system, everything would be under your control. Mister Aladin will help you to find best hotel in Cirebon. Find the hotel you love the most from the list, simply click it then enjoy your room as you have expected.

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Five pet friendly hotels in the UK

We teamed up with Best Western Hotels to find five UK hotels that will not only welcome you, but your pet too.

It can feel like a heartbreaking wrench when you need a break but have to leave your pooch behind. Yet there are some lovely hotels that will not only welcome you, but your pet too. We highlight five pet-friendly hotels, all located in areas that provide unrivalled landscape for dog walking and who will happily roll out the red carpet, provide freshly made dog-biscuits and even bouncing balls to add a touch of canine luxury.

BEST WESTERN Mayfield Hotel, Cotswolds, England

The Cotswolds is idyllic for holidaying with your dog. For you, it has rich history, gorgeous limestone villages and historic castles. For quality time with your moggie, there’s the rolling wolds countryside to explore and frolic in.

The trick to getting the most out of this quintessentially English part of England is to stay in the heart of it. The small 28-suite BEST WESTERN Mayfield Hotel, set as it is within a sleepy village in the rural Avon Valley, offers a quaint, quiet base. It’s minutes away from Malmesbury and Cirencester and the historic city of Bath is just 45 minutes away.

But you can spend the day in too. It has lots of quirky appeal from croquet in their colourful garden – or simply sip an award-winning ale there – to being cyclist-approved by the Penny Farthing Society. And so dog friendly that there is a Doggie beach nearby.

There’s good locally sourced food on the menu at their AA Rosetted Mayfield restaurant. Steaks are a speciality. There’s also a cosy lounge bar where unusually there are 12 wines available to buy by the glass.

Pet-friendly facilities: Your pet is welcome everywhere in this hotel except the dining room. They can dine in the Snug bar or on the terrace in the walled gardens and they will be spoiled with dog treats. Nearby there is a dog beach and a dog friendly zoo. The cost is £10 per night for up to two dogs in the same room.

BEST WESTERN York House, Sussex, England

England may not be the beach destination of choice, yet it does have few appealing seaside towns. A fine example is the elegant coastal town of Eastbourne in Sussex whose life-guide patrolled beach has won awards for safe bathing, cleanliness and for the sheer amount of facilities on offer.

There is no better way to enjoy the town’s coastal pleasures than to book into a hotel not only close to the town centre but that’s less than 20 yards away, such as BEST WESTERN York House. Some of their rooms have sea views and come with plush four poster beds.

Your dog will love playing on the beach where there are no restrictions, and if it’s a bit too chilly to take a dip in the sea, you can still wet your toes in the small hotel pool.

There’s lots of walking potential along the four-mile promenade but a short boat trip will take you to Beach Head where you and your dog can enjoy long walks in stunning scenery.

Pet-friendly facilities: Dogs get their own dog bed and are allowed into the bar, lounge and verandah and can eat with you in the bar for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pet extras include towel, bowl, home-made bacon and peanut butter treats all for £10 per pet per night.

BEST WESTERN Philipburn Country House Hotel, Scotland

Located on the Scottish Borders, overlooking the Ettrick Water – a tributary of the River Tweed – is this the historic town of Selkirk. This is where Scottish warrior William Wallace was declared guardian of Scotland a few centuries ago. Today, with only 6,000 inhabitants, it is as sleepy as they come.

The BEST WESTERN Philipburn Country House Hotel, an 18th century building, is situated on the outskirts of Selkirk, amid four acres of private woodland and gardens – with its own Koi pond – overlooking the Ettrick Water.

The estate comprises different styles of accommodation in the main house and in the garden but if you have both a dog and kids in tow, the lodges are ideal and come with views of sheep-dotted fields.

Breakfast is served in the restaurant, but you can take it in the bar too where dogs are allowed. If the weather is good, the same goes for the patio and terrace where dinner can be enjoyed alfresco.

The Ettrick Water is ideal for fishing, but before long you will be walking your dog along the river Tweed enjoying the glorious landscape.

Pet-friendly facilities: There are four bedrooms allocated for canine guests and the cost is £10 per night per dog. They are allowed into the hotel bar, gardens and patio and on arrival they will get dog biscuits as treats.

BEST WESTERN Lee Wood Hotel, Buxton, England

The Roman time of Buxton, in the Peak District, is probably most famous as being a spa town. Built on the River Wye, this is where you will find St Ann’s Well which is fed by the geothermal spring water that can be bought in bottles all over England.

This 38-room hotel is located on a hill right in the heart of the Peak District National Park and is perfect for a day out rambling and combining a cultural break. In one weekend you could be visiting the Derbyshire Dales, admiring the limestone cave and visiting the Buxton Opera house.

Rooms are individually furnished and have lovely views and if you find yourself in a south facing room you will have the garden vista. They have fine dining offering in their Elements restaurant which is housed in an attractive conservatory.

Pet-friendly facilities: Pets can stay for £8.50 per night and are allowed into the lounge, lobby, patio and grounds.

BEST WESTERN Three Swans Hotel, Leicestershire, England

Once a coaching inn, this is a hotel, restaurant and pub rolled into one. It is located in the lovely Leicestershire market town of Market Harborough.

It is home to three bars and a restaurant as well as 59 bedrooms, some of which have four-poster beds. The venue has been accommodating travellers for over 500 years – including historic figures such as Queen Anne in the 17th century along with her huge entourage.

The picturesque town, though rural, bustles with boutiques and independent shops, lots of watering holes and surrounded by a lovely undulating landscape and winding waterways all within easy reach of the hotel. A few miles away is the Foxton canal where narrowboats navigate through the lock system making a waterside saunter a pleasant way to pass an afternoon.

Pet-friendly facilities: Dogs can stay free in one of five rooms and are allowed into and can dine in the bar area. They will get a welcome pack which includes a dog bowl, ball, treats, poop bags and even a welcome poem.

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Finding Cheap Hotels In Cirebon With Mister Aladin

In a developing region, finding hotel can be an issue, especially if you are one seek for comfort and well service. Cirebon is one region in West Java Province that is now developing quite rapidly. One unique thing about Cirebon when it comes to finding hotel is you will more likely find hotels with high rate here than you do find hotels with low rate. Such situation may be a challenge, especially now after Cikopo Palimanan or so called Cipali toll connects Cirebon even more to the region surround and even beyond. Many people must trough Cirebon first before they reach other region in Java Island; at Central Java and East Java by road. Since it takes hundreds of miles for such journey, Cirebon becomes an important region where those who are travelling trough it hope to be able to stay to take some rest. It could be anyone with any budget, and it is such a challenge considering Cirebon may have more high rates hotel than common hotels for common people with common budget.

Fortunately, budget friendly hotel does exist in Cirebon, only it may be a pretty challenge to find it. Once you are hitting this region, the budget hotels may not appear that easily. Since Cirebon services as both regency and administrative city, finding hotels that meet your budget here could mean that you go across this boundary. Hotels with high rate mostly locate in administrative city of Cirebon, while hotel budget mainly locate in the region. Of course, as not everyone is familiar with Cirebon, when it comes to finding the right hotel there should come help to make it a lot of easier and less troublesome for anyone that needs it. If you are one looking for budget hotel in Cirebon, Mister Aladin is a right choice of hotel booking system that will help you find one easy and fast.

Mister Aladin has many inventories of cheap hotel in Cirebon for you to choose. Yet, Mister Aladin also already make sure that the cheap prices should not mean that you will stay less comfort while you are in your stay here. All the hotel list in Mister Aladin is set for your comfort and its descent is already made sure. With a well description about the hotel and ways how to get there, you can get the room at the right time without unnecessary hassle.

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When Travelling, You Now Have Options When it Comes to Your Accommodations

One of the most exciting and unique parts of visiting the great city of London is the number of accommodations you will find when searching for a place to stay; even if you choose to forego a stoic and bland hotel, you have a lot of options from which to choose. This is in part because there are now apartments that are fully furnished and allow travellers to stay there for several days or longer, enabling you to feel as if you are in your own home. True, when visiting places as exciting as London, you are likely going to spend most of your time exploring the city and visiting the best tourist spots. You still deserve a homey, comfortable place to lay your head each night and these apartments provide that and a lot more. Best of all, most of these accommodations have well-maintained websites, enabling you to find something quickly, simply, and conveniently.

A Home Away From Home

London apartments are truly a home away from home and when you are travelling and you’re ready to rest up for the next day’s activities, you want a quiet and comfortable place to do so. Going online is the best way to find these apartments because you can simply enter some criteria, press the Enter key, and come up with dozens of options that meet your requirements. The apartments are fully furnished with well-stocked kitchens, modern furniture, 24-hour assistance, and free Wi-Fi and they offer amenities that include exercise facilities and daily maid service. Of course, not all LSA serviced self-catering apartments in London have all these amenities so it is important to read your contract carefully. However, all apartments are guaranteed to be comfortable, spacious, and reasonably priced.

Location, Location, Location

These apartments are also located throughout the city, which means that depending on which area of town you’d like to see, you can easily find an apartment nearby. If you want to be in Soho, no problem. If you’d prefer to be close to the Royal Opera House or the British Museum, you can stay near there as well. There are hundreds of apartments all over the city ready to be leased and when you go on their websites, you can find just what you need easily. Some apartments do require a minimum stay, but usually it is only two or three days, and considering that most travellers stay in London a lot longer than that, this is not an inconvenience for most tourists. The websites also give you the details you need to know before making a final decision as well as full-colour photographs so going online will definitely whet your appetite for your upcoming stay in London.

Touring London is an experience that you will never forget so why not make your accommodations memorable as well? With serviced apartments, you get the comfort of home and the convenience of being near London’s top attractions, and it just feels good to know that at the end of each day, you will have a roomy and beautiful place to rest up for the evening.

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Why You Choose Reservations

When monotony becomes a part of your life, when you don’t find peace of mind anywhere you go at that time just pack your bag and explore the world. But if hotel reservations, budget or any other things are your biggest enemy then will be your ultimate mate throughout your journey. Now, you think that what you would do if they charge a huge bucks in return of their top- class service so let you know that now you can avail their service in an affordable price.

Why them?

There are numerous reasons for which you will love to go for the service of Just go through the points mentioned below:

  • Responsibility: When they make a bridge between the hotel and you, everything becomes easy and clean. Apart from this, after holding your hand, they take all your responsibilities to create another amazing memory that would be cherished by you for the rest of your life.
  • Price matching: If you want to experience something fantastic, great, wonderful during you trip that would definitely the price of your hotel that would go well with your budget. With the help of, you can easily get the best deals on hotels that would make you feel mesmerized totally because they understand the value of your hard- earned money.
  • Choice of room: As they deal with hotel bookings everyday so they know very well which room you will prefer to have during your stay. Because the room of the hotel is something where you prefer to relax after a hectic day.
  • More flexibility: Whenever you book through com, hotels will be much more willing and capable to help you if you want to change the date of your trip or even cancelation too.

So, if you want to experience these conveniences then why are you wasting your time?