Enjoy luxury spa treatments at Ayana Hotels


The Ayana hotel is world-renowned for its award-winning spa services. It carries this award gracefully and professionally by providing high-quality service in each and every five-star hotel that bears their name.

Spa service at Ayana Jakarta

The Ayana luxury spa Jakarta can be accessed at this five-star hotel in the city. You can expect award-winning services at the spa in this hotel. Here are some of the outstanding features of the spa at the Ayana hotel.

Professional attendants

One of the factors that attract guests to the Ayana Midplaza spa is the availability of professional attendants. Like every other Ayana service, the spa service at this city hotel is offered professionally and by well-trained attendants.

A mix of traditional and modern techniques

In the Ayana luxury spa, guests get the opportunity to enjoy a different skill set. Ayana spa attendants are well versed in the modern art of spa treatments as well as traditional Indonesian skills.

A combination of the modern skills and traditional oils leaves guests at this spa feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed in their bodies and minds. From a single spa treatment, one is able to work efficiently and effectively.

Spa treatments

At this luxury spa, enjoy relaxing reflexology to unburden your whole body, aromatic massages, and refreshing beauty treatments.

Every moment spent in the spa is worth your hard-earned money and will leave you feeling much better and with more energy. Every ended session leaves you looking forward to your next spas session.

Honeymoon spa treatments

When you honeymoon at the Ayana, you are privileged to enjoy a spa treatment in your room as a couple as a honeymoon gift from the hotel. You get a refreshing massage that helps you relax from the stress of wedding planning and from the success of your big day.

Specialized treatments

In addition to the ordinary spa treatments, you can also get the luxurious Elemis Facial Pro-Collagen Defy. This is a specialized facial treatment that you can get to ease the stress of life from your face. It strengthens and relaxes your facial muscles to get rid of wrinkles.

You can also get specialized facial treatments for men among other special massage and spa treatments.

Aromatherapy treatments

At the Ayana Hotels spa, you can also get a well-deserved moisturizing aromatherapy treatment session. It also comes with a full-body scrub and a traditional foot-washing ceremony.

At the end of this session, you are completely relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated ready to face the world and everything it throws your way.

Aesthetically decorated spas

The luxury spa treatment offered at the hotel is offered in a tastefully and beautifully decorated spa. The spas are beautiful and well-lit to enhance the effect of the spa treatments that you will be getting.

Other relaxation services that you will get at the hotel include:

Complimentary WIFI

The hotel offers all its guests free complimentary WIFI. It is available in every nook and cranny of the hotel and you can quickly catch up on your communication, entertainment and work as you relax in the hotel.

Numerous restaurants

The hotel has numerous restaurants that you can choose to dine from. There are restaurants for seafood and for the whole family. There are bars where you can enjoy happy hour as you socialize and network with your peers after work.

Beautiful rooms

The rooms at this hotel are exquisite. They are built to cater to the tastes of their targeted business travellers. The rooms have large windows put in to allow plenty of natural light. In addition, they offer you a unique vantage point to have a panoramic view of the busy city.


Enjoy a beautiful spa day at the Ayana Hotel Jakarta. You will get the Ayana speciality luxurious spa treatment. There are numerous spa treatments that you can enjoy at the hotel spa for a better mood, relaxation, and rejuvenation.a

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