Five Tips on Finding Cheap Flights to Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a bewitching paradox: home to both modest fishing villages and an incredibly affluent financial center. Visitors can find any flavor in Hong Kong, from the neighborhood dai pai dongs on Temple Street, to the three-star Michelin restaurants tracing cultures to the west on Hollywood Road. Hong Kong: you should go.

However, the journey seems daunting, with long plane rides, confusing currency exchanges, expensive hotel rooms and the sharp-tongued language of Cantonese – but maybe Hopper can help, at least with the expense part. The Hopper research team is using our access to millions of daily airfare searches to develop insights that can save travelers real money by revealing things like the best day to buy a ticket, best time to depart or return and how far in advance to book.

So, want to see how you can find cheap flights to Hong Kong? Check out these five tips that could save you up to $700 on your next return ticket to Hong Kong.

1. Save up to $200 on flights to Hong Kong by booking 27 days in advance

Ticket fares to Hong Kong oscillate on the scale a lot, but one thing is for sure – nobody loses by thinking ahead. Those who book their flight more than 25 days in advance could save up to $200. The good news for last-minute travelers, though, is that prices don’t really start to surge until about four days before departure.

2. Save up to $270 by traveling in August

If you want to save big, you’re going to have to prepare to get a little steamy – those who book for the sweltering months of August and September, two of the hottest months of the year in Hong Kong, can save up $270. Our best advice? Pack light, never leave the hotel without water and don’t be afraid to follow the billows of air conditioning.

3. Save up to $21 by buying your ticket on a Tuesday

Cocktails in Hong Kong are pricey, and any way you can save a few dollars here and there towards the ole’ drink fund can make a big difference. By merely searching for and booking the ticket on a Tuesday, travelers to Hong Kong can save up to $21 each. That’s at least one drink in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong’s nightlife area, and you can’t beat that.

4. Save up to $74 by departing on a Thursday

Visitors who want to save big can leave on a Thursday and give themselves a long weekend to enjoy the city – with up to $74 saved, the newly landed can take the extra day to sleep off the jet lag or hit one of the city’s legendary dim sum restaurants before they get their weekend rush. Of course, a Thursday departure from North America will land travelers in Hong Kong on Friday.

5. Save up to $125 by returning on a Monday

Mondays are a drag for everyone, right? Nobody likes spending days on an aircraft, spritzing Evian listlessly on crepe-paper, altitude-adjusted skin, especially if it’s a Monday; but on the other hand, those who book a return on the first day of the work week can save up to $125 and, thanks to the date line, will arrive back in the states on Monday just in time for work – great.

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