Krakow – The 2022 Hottest Rugby Tour Destination

Krakow offers a complete and full support service for rugby teams ranging from pro-team pre-season training to amateur club tours and is the venue for the ever popular Krakow Rugby Festival 10s tournament. This central European city not only caters for sport as it is a popular destination for off field activities which you can include and a host of great pubs and night clubs with all kinds entertainment available to make your tour a very memorable one.

Krakow Rugby Festival – This international Men, Women and Vets 10s tournament is becoming a major event for team tours and summer rugby-friend teams. The KRF starts on the 3rd weekend of June every year, the induction party on the Friday night sees all the teams attend an exclusive Krakow city centre venue with free beer and cider until midnight, in fact, free beer and cider is available the entire weekend of rugby both on and off the field of play. The induction party includes drinking games, live music and a DJ. The Saturday is when matches begin, the groups and fixtures displayed for the 7 minute each half games. The organisers provide a cooked breakfast and cooked lunch pitch-side with the bars providing non-stop beer and cider. After the days first round of games you get a chance to freshen up in your accommodation that the organisers also book for you if required. The KRF accommodation also includes free return pitch transfers or you can buy tickets if you have taken a non-KRF accommodation. Saturday night is for you to discover the buzzing Krakow nightlife or you can join the KRF organised pub crawl and then later free dance club tickets. The Sunday is the day of all the finals, according to your team’s performance in the group stages of Saturday all the teams qualify and play for 3 individual category awards. The stronger teams compete for the KRF Champions Cup then the middle teams run out for the KRF Elite Trophy with the 3rd category, KRF Kracking Plate for the remaining teams. The Sunday finals day also has a repeat of the cooked meals and free beer and cider plus the awards ceremony, live music pitch-side with DJ, rugby drinking and skill games which prove to be extremely popular. The whole tournament is well organised with paramedics and an ambulance present on game days and an ever popular massage tent has been introduced in the recent KRFs. The KRF organisers offer 3 package deals with or without accommodation and unlimited or limited beer and cider options. Airport and pitch return transfers are free with the All-Inclusive Package or can be added to the other package deals that you can choose from. The best deal is the All-Inclusive because as soon as you land in Krakow the KRF organisers are there to take care of everything until you board your flight home and you can enjoy your rugby and weekend in Krakow to the max.

Non-KRF Friendly Rugby Match – If your tour is in a different period, no problem, as a friendly can be arranged with a local team of suitable ability either with 7s or 15s including Touch and Mixed rugby. The Rugby Match Pack has a post-match BBQ to enjoy with the host team. Airport and pitch transfers are available along with accommodation arrangements.

Football Match Friendly Game Pack – If your tour is for footie then Krakow has several options to provide a full service to make sure you get a game of 5-a-side, 7 or even 11-a-side against a local team indoors or outdoors or if your group is large enough then facilities arranged. Once again post-match BBQ ‘n Beer arranged.

Apart from the main event, that is, your favoured sport catered for Krakow has a wide range of activities available that can be reserved via a dedicated sport and stag do agency such as Party Krakow. These extra off field activities are easily added to your itinerary and all include personal Guides to accompany you. Here are a few examples of what’s on offer while in Krakow:

Visit to Auschwitz/Birkenau – If you attend the KRF this event is offered during the weekend. A visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site is an eye opener into what actually happened there.

Visit to Wieliczka Salt Mine – Experience one of the world’s oldest salt mines with everything you see or touch is made of salt. Follow the tunnels up to 350m below ground level and the story of this important commodity of salt. The main hall is spectacular.

Guided Pub Crawl – Take an organise pub crawl especially on your first night in Krakow. A Guide will meet you at your accommodation to then show you Krakow’s most trendy and unusual pubs. The tour will reveal the cellar bars, Ruin bars, garden bars and themed bars. There are no two pubs the same in Krakow and more importantly no official closing times, so, no last orders shouted out or security staff whipping away your unfinished drink.

Dance Clubs – Always a good idea to book one, Krakow’s nightlife scene is fast overtaking Prague’s reputation. All styles and genres of music with some venues being hosted by well-known European DJs. The VIP Club Entry is a must so as to avoid waiting in the queues to the trendiest places and with VIP reservations not only Q-Jumping but reserved tables and vodka included.

Party Bus – Arrive in style to a club of your choice with the Party Bus, available for a city cruise or airport transfers and to liven the event up a Strip Artist or Artists will join you on your journey. Bars on board this club on wheels with music and lights to set the mood. Suitable for male or female groups.

AK 47 Kalashnikov Shooting – This high adrenaline shoot ‘em up adventure is a must. Different packages on offer for up to 7 different weapons that include the famous AK 47, Glock pistols, Uzis and the pump action shot gun, highly recommended.

River Boat Cruise – Spend some time on the Vistula River and enjoy a lunch or just a few beers, a most relaxing occasion or spice it up and take the night cruise with a strip artist on board, the choice is yours.

Krakow has been voted Best European Destination to Eat more than once. The wide choice of culinary delights from around the world is amazing. Krakow has some high class international restaurants to dedicated Food Truck zones full of international recipes with vegetarian menus and vegan venues abound. Once again, a spicy after show can be arranged with Strip Artists whilst tasting the many locally crafted beers on sale.

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