LVMH Is Building A Private Theme Park In Paris For 63 Millions Euros


Disney still does it with us just as well when we were five years old.Still we are enchanted by the fairy tales, the worlds, the romance and the princesses that Disney showed us.But the theme park that Paris is richer soon has nothing to do with princesses or Mickey Mouse.

LVMH is following the luxury mega company when Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Louis Vuitton are building a fun park for around 63 million euros in Paris.In the big Jardin d’Acclimatation the newest park is being built and the plan is that there will be no less than 17 different attractions.

Do not expect Louis Vuitton logos or Fendi roller coasters.The inspiration for the park is apparently LVMH from Steampunk.So think of the movie Mad Max and Burning Man.The focus will be on steam driven vehicles and machines, such as steam trains.

Next year the park must be ready and is expected to be the second most visited park in France.

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