The History, The Today, The Tomorrow Of Northwest Airlines


Every airline has a history, some are to more extent than others, but to be where they are today, they have a history that got them there. And Northwest Airlines is no exception. They are also one of the oldest airlines as well as one of the world’s leading airlines, something that other airlines can’t claim.

The years that have gone into building this company have a lot to do with who they are today. The journey of this company began in the early 1920s by Colonel Lewis Brittin, in the Northwest Territory of Michigan, hence the name. Northwest Airlines was originally started as a way to deliver mail from Chicago to the Twin Cities and back using bi-planes that had open cockpits.

With all the curves and turns that history has, Northwest Airlines would become a favored and popular passenger airline service in 1927 and a year later, they were transporting as many as 6 passengers at a time.

That same year, Northwest Airlines would begin making international flights with passengers and the company was sold in 1929 to a businessman from Minnesota and the name would change 5 years later and then to Republic Airlines and eventually ending up with Delta Airlines as their parent company.

The Early Years Saw Many Accomplishments

Northwest Airlines went on to make big and unprecedented accomplishments to other states and other countries. In 1947, they were the only operating airline that had direct route flights to offer from between two countries. The red tails on their planes became a trademark that is still held today even though they are owned by Delta Airlines.

That Delta Merger

In 2008, the merger was approved, marking another historical moment for Northwest Airlines. For 2 years, they would maintain its name. It wasn’t until 2010 when they began flying under the Delta name. This merger was historical on many fronts, with the main one being it created the world’s largest airline.

As it is when any 2 companies merge, especially well-established companies, there were many bumps in the road. But perseverance by the employees of each would make it one successful company that it is today. Just like so many times over the years, Northwest Airlines would prove to be able and willing to step into unknown territory.

Northwest Airlines has gone on to expand its connections making life easier for the traveler. Joining forces Delta Airlines has enabled both companies to become a fixed mainstay resource for many. This has created an even richer history for the company that will most likely carry on for many more years.

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