Things that you should know before visiting Cayo Sal


Want a refreshing environment for your mind and body? Well, then here is a perfect place for you, where you can find the peace and regain your mental health. Visiting Cayo Sal will give you everything you need. Though it’s a small island in Cay Sal bank between Florida, Cuba, and Bahamas, you can experience here the most amazing things. The good news is the Bahamas now have the permission from the U.S. Coast Guard to fly over there regularly, so now it’s easier to travel there because it’s no longer inhabited. Escaping to the Bahamas has been always the best choice of tourists and travelers.

Stunning view in Cayo Sal

Cayo Sal is an amazing place with a beautiful natural view. It is located in the Southwestern zone of the Cay Sal Bank and is the main island. The island is quite old and you can say that by its exterior design of dilapidated buildings which is covered with stunted palm trees. Cayo Sal is also known for producing natural good, clean salt. It also has a large salt pond in its interior. Cayo Sal is also suitable for anchorage for its leeward side.

Things to do in Cayo Sal

Cayo Sal is 1.6 km in length and 1.2 km in the area which is certainly a small place but it’s suitable for sailing. It is the nearest island to Cuba, only thirty miles away. One of the unique sailing destinations of Cuba and most of the Americans believed that for decades. Tourists are well appreciated by the people of this island. It is a unique place for sailing. Sailing turs near Cayo Sal Island is also a great preference for many tourist. This island is quite isolated and the reefs and cays are idyllic for sailing. Tourists can choose Yachts, lagoon, boats etc for sailing in the sea. Some agency even gives you the offer to explore Havana and other beautiful isles on the yachts and boats. You will have the most stunning view from the sea and the wonderful feeling of joy. Its crystal clear water, traditional seafood will definitely make you feel special in that very place.

Cultural diversity

If you really want to have a test of the diverse culture you must visit this island. People will give you a very warm welcome and find a local is a guide is extremely easy. Those who will be visiting this island for the very first time should definitely seek help from the locals. If you come to this place with a very short time in hand finding the all the attractive places will be very fact, it will take months to discover all the natural and cultural beauties. For this very reason, many people prefer promotional tour package since they always tend to give the best value to their clients. But still, it’s your choice whether you will have a preplanned vacation or spend some extra timing on planning to visit this amazing place.

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