Three Reasons Why An Island Vacation Is An Ideal Trip


One of the most common dreams for those planning a trip is to escape from the world. There are many ways to do this, from remote camping to cruises. An island vacation can provide the same escape in an incredibly relaxing environment, and here are three reasons why you should consider a getaway on a small or private key for your next vacation.

A Variety of Options

If you are like most people, when you hear the words island vacation you start thinking of the Caribbean and other exotic locations. However, the United States offers a collection of isles, cays, and keys that are as diverse as the rest of its landscape. In fact, in America alone there are over 18,000 named islands. Alaska offers more than 2,500, many of which have hotels and rental properties. The coast of Maine is lined with isles, both small and large. The Great Lakes offer thousands more islets for campers, renters, and summer visitors. Michigan alone has more coastline than any state other than Alaska. In short, no matter what type of climate you prefer, you can find a remote getaway on an isle somewhere in the U.S.

The True Escape

When people talk about taking a break from work they say they need to get away. An island vacation offers travelers a getaway from the rest of the world in the truest sense of the word. The smaller the isle, the greater the escape. Many of the smaller pieces of land have no private cars, and in some cases no roads at all. All food and supplies have to be brought in by boat, making simplicity the order of the day. Visitors don’t have to deal with traffic or noise pollution. The wind and waves are the loudest sounds to be heard in the evenings. If you like the company of people you can visit one of the larger islets that has a permanent community. They often offer events such as ice cream socials, scavenger hunts, dances, and movie watching parties. Smaller pieces of land sometimes host only a single house for those who value their privacy.

A Variety of Activities

Other than shopping, the most popular activity for people on a trip is swimming and other water sports. Fifty percent of all people on holiday list it as their number one pursuit. An island vacation is an ideal location to engage in these types of activities and more. In Hawaii, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico, snorkeling, surfing, and rum-based cocktails are the order of the day. New England provides beautiful boating, and wonderful seafood and Alaska offers extraordinary fishing and hunting opportunities for the sportsman.

In conclusion, stop dreaming of a getaway on an isle in the middle of the sea. Go ahead and plan one. With locales as diverse as can be imagined, there are thousands of options.

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