Travel Essentials Packing For a Trip


So you off for a trip and you want to know what to pack. This video shows you some of the things you will need, now if you are just going up to a cabin then you probably will not need so much make up …. But for a business trip or a vacation where you will be going out for dinners and lunches then you will need this much stuff. I hope this helps you when you are packing. Get detailed information about the basic accessories, on this website:

Make up Bag contents: neutral eye shadows, face powder, a blush, Foundation, 1 lipstick, mascara, bronzer, lip gloss, concealer, eyebrow pencils, lip balm, eye shadow primer.

Lots of makeup brushes to apply the make up

Bag for hair products: GHD hair straightener, body butter, hand cream, deodorant, ear buds, perfume, face cotton pads, hairbrush, make up remover, face wash, eye cream, conditioner, toothbrush, tooth paste, glass nail file, lemon butter cuticle cream.

I am sure you have your own particular brand of products you like and ones that suit your skin type so feel free to pack those this is just a suggestion of what sort of products to take.

Now you had better get packing if you have a trip to go on shortly. Enjoy

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