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Tips to Securing a Vietnam Visa Visa is an indication that you are allowed to enter, stay or leave for a precise frame of time in a country. There are two options to attaining a visa; one way is by going to the embassy where you are, fill the application form, pay application charges and relax until the visa is prepared. You can also get a visa through online application. Online application is faster as well as cost effective method of getting the approval. The process of getting your passport stamped may be taxing. Below are tips to easily get a visa to Vietnam. There are companies that are in charge of visas to Vietnam. Do a background research on Vietnamese visas even before physically visiting the Vietnamese embassy in your home country. This will enable you to ensure that options available are similar as accepted in Vietnam, for example, the period of the visa being obtainable. To ensure that the valid right of entry at the time of travel, estimate the date you may travel before you present the application papers. To attain a Vietnam visa, online applications are the most efficient and trustworthy means. After applying online, you pay your approval fee and then you receive your approval letter in your email in forty-eight hours. You need to print out the approval letter so that you show it before you depart and when you arrive in Vietnam. Checking your passport and approval letter are the first thing that the officials do when you land in Vietnam, then they stamp the passport with the Vietnam visa when you pay for the stamping expenses.
A Beginners Guide To Options
You are advised to register for the visa early enough more so if you are doing the process manually. Sometimes it may take even weeks before you get the approval. Citizens of some countries do not need a valid visa to enter Vietnam, therefore you need to check if you are one of them and if so, get the proper documents so that you do not get frustrated.
A Beginners Guide To Options
When you apply for a tourist Vietnam visa, you will have thirty days access into the nation. In cases where you must prolong your visit, it is a must that you contact the offices of the embassy near you so that they extend the period for a maximum of thirty days. When you are going for a business tour, the visa is valid for six months. To qualify for a business visa in Vietnam, you must have a sponsor from Vietnam. You must have the visa when you reach any of the three international airports in Vietnam. It is easy to secure the visa. In case your application is declined, you will be refunded the approval letter fee. Find it easy to apply for a Vietnam visa with the aid of the above tips. Have fun in Vietnam.

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